Discover: Top 10 famous dishes of Vinh Phuc!

Being like “Northern Dalat”, Vinh Phuc not only attracts tourists with many tourist attractions, but also famous for its specialty food. Discover 10 famous dishes of Vinh Phuc right here!

Discover Top 10 famous dishes of Vinh Phuc right here!

Lamprey Lap Thach

Sour Fish – Lập Thạch

Raw material for making fish is very simple, but the process is very sophisticated. First, the fish is cleaned, cut out the head, then drained. Cook will place fish in jars, one layer of fish, one layer of salt. About 10kg fish, people use1.5kg salt. The top layer of salt is covered with bamboo. Need 4 – 7 days for the fish to be well done, remove fish from salt, then squeeze the fish out of the water and let the sun dries fish again.

Next, use the special flour which is made from roasted corn and soybean, cover the fish inside out. Place the fish back in the jar. After about 2 weeks, the process will be done, the fish meat will have a pink color. It can be made into many dishes, but the best is to bake on the charcoal.

Tam Duong Pineapple

Tam Duong pineapple

Tam Duong district is pineapple area in Vinh Phuc province. The pineapples here are juicy and sweet.

Coming to Tam Duong, visitors can eat full belly in two ways. One is to remove all eyes of pineapple and eat. The second is beat off pineapple on a tree or wooden cutting board, then use a sharp knife to cut a hole and drink directly.

Besides, visitors coming in the ripening season will have a chance to see a vast pineapple field, each pineapple tree as a giant green flower with stamen is yellow pineapple.

Vinh Tuong Gio Cakes

Vinh Tuong Gio Cakes

Vinh Tuong Gio Cake can seduce people with the sweetness of molasses, the light scent of ginger blended with the white cake inside, and the fragrance of sesame.

How to make Gio cakes are quite simple. Delicious sticky rice is cleaned, soaked overnight, then smoothed and drained. The cake is shaped by grasping the dough into the pyramid shaped. Molasses is mixed with filtered water, then boiled and dropped into each cake. Take the cake which is covered in molasses, then sprinkle a little sesame, guests can have a delicious snack for the afternoon.

Banh Nang Lap Thach

Light cake

Sticky rice for making cakes is soaked overnight in special water. This special water is the ash of fresh oak branches, fresh grapefruit branches (also leaves), sesame leaves,… Then, cook drains the rice, wraps them in banana leaves, then boil and wash. Boil the cake for 5 to 6 hours.

People call it light cake because after done, the cake has bright yellow color.

Shrimp in Vac dam

Shrimp in Vac dam

Vac is a lake located in the center of Vinh Yen city. This is the place to provide large quantities of food to Vinh Phuc province, most delicious is Shrimp.

Shrimp harvested season in August to October, having a lot of egg inside. Shrimp in Vac dam is soft, smell good. People always fry it until crispy or stir it with pineapple.

Lap Thach Sweet Gruel

Sweet Gruel is cooked from green beans mix with white sugar then kneaded well. Alternatively, green bean paste can be added to boiled sugar water and slowly cooked for sugar and beans to blend in.

Sweet Gruel is bright yellow color and smooth, covered sesame on top. People enjoy sweet gruel with lotus tea.

Ngu Hoa Coconut alcohol

Ngu Hoa Coconut alcohol (Yen Lac)

Coconut alcohol is processed by bumping into coconut a certain proportion of yam and yeast, then sealed and brewed until well done.

The characteristic of Ngoc Hoa coconut alcohol is that it smells of coconut aroma, it is sweet, and does not cause a headache after drinking.

Bánh Ngõa Ngọc Hoa village

Sticky rice is cleaned, drained and ground into fine powder. Green peas are broken into two pieces, then soaked in water to peel the peels, remove the shell and let dry. Take a piece of green bean to cook with honey, the rest of bean put on fire until the beans are chestnut yellow, then cooled to a fine powdered flour.

Mix the water with rice flour and knead into small pieces. Boil water and cook the cake. When the cake emerges, it is ripe. Grab the cake lightly and wait for the water to drain and place in the tray sprinkled with bean powder. Turn both sides of the cake to take as much bean powder.

Gio cake in Tay Dinh

The cake is made quite simply. Wash sticky rice until the water is clear, drain and soak in lime water for about 2 hours. Take out, continue to drain and then soaked in water (the water is mix with 3 type of coal from tree trunk, branch and leave) overnight, then picked out.

Scoop rice to the middle of the chip leaves which are boiled in water, then wrapped, rolled around the tips of the leaves to seal, then use soft tied. Each cake is about 15cm, which is cooked for about 3 hours.

Su Su vegetable in Tam Dao

Su Su vegetable in Tam Dao

It is not too late to say that Su Su has become the most famous vegetable of Vinh Phuc in general and of Tam Dao in particular. This vegetable is famous, attractive by the fresh, clean, delicious flavor.

If the past it was planted only to eat fruit. Anywhere in the Tam Dao mountain visitors can see the green color of the vegetable.

Due to the ideal climate, Tam Dao vegetable does not need pesticides, so they are very popular with customers. Vegetables can be boiled or stirred with garlic.


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Top 10 Vinh Long famous dishes

Vinh Long is the land of fruit and some serious delicious specialty foods. Discover 10 famous dishes of Vinh Long right here!


Grapefruit, the specialty fruit of Vinh Long has the most nutritional quality. It’s big, sweet and sour, has a lot of meat. South people always eat grapefruit with a special type of salt mix with dried shrimp.

Thanh Tra Vinh Long

Thanh Tra Vinh Long

Thanh Tra

Thanh Tra is a delicious fruit which is quite strange but as famous as Vinh Long grapefruit. There are two types of Thanh Tra: sweet and sour. Woman love to eat this fruit with salt and dried chilly. Meanwhile, Tranh Tra marinated with sugar is also a good drink in hot reason.



Come to the eco-tourism garden in Vinh Long, visitors do not miss the opportunity to enjoy cicada. According to Oriental medicine, the cicada is used to treat fever, seizures, children with cramp limb pain, cough,… Recently, cicadas are processed into many dishes which are delicious and popular in Vinh Long.

From cicada, the cook can make the variety of dishes, such as: fried, stirred with onions, chives, cooked porridge and fried until crispy.


Luc Si Rice paper

Luc Si Rice paper

There are many different types of rice paper such as rice paper rolls, dipped rice paper, sweet rice paper rolls, and baked rice paper. The cake is made entirely by hand with 100% rice flour and does not use chemicals. The cake has a characteristic flavor when eaten guests will feel the softness, salty taste. Rice paper wrapped with shrimp, meat, vegetables, rice noodles, and sauce or soy sauce will be very attractive.

Fire fish

Hau River fire fish is a specialty fish of a small area in Tich Thien commune, where they meet in between water and brackish water. The fish is very delicious and has a rare, fatty egg that is processed into many delicious dishes.

Sweet-smelling fish porridge served with shredded vegetables, bitter vegetables, lettuce and some fresh ginger. Simplicity is steamed fire fish with dark sauce, this dish is served with hot rice. Every dish is attractive, also delicious and strange mouth.

Ut fish soup

Best Ut fish is when cooked with spinach grows at the field. This kind of vegetables is self-generated, no need for extra nutrition. Fish meat is fatty, soft, eat with salt, pepper is very delicious.

Tai Tuong fish

Tai Tượng fish

Whole Tai Tượng fish fried is the most famous dish of Vinh Long. This dish is served with rice paper, fresh rice noodles, raw vegetables and sweet and sour sauce. Crispy outside, soft inside, the fish is ideal to roll. The delicious meat of fish combined with vegetables of all kinds, fresh noodles and lime juice with chili peppers is a perfect dish.

Sweet potato Binh Tan

The Binh Tan area of Vinh Long province is the largest sweet potato area in the Mekong Delta, 70% of the field is Japanese sweet potato. Binh Tan sweet potato has exported to many markets such as China, Japan, Korea, Australia,…

Binh Minh Lettuce

Lettuce is known for its spicy, sweet, true quality, which is distinct from other places. Binh Minh lettuce is produced in the direction of safety and has registered to protect the label to ensure food safety.

Sweet potato salad

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Sweet potato salad

Normally, people eat only boiled sweet potatoes alone, but the Southern always eat it with wonderful fish sauce. First boiled the sweet potato, sliced into small pieces, prepare dried coconut, a little sesame, peanuts, raw vegetables, and herbs, we have a nice, delicious dinner.

Top 10 famous dishes not to be missed when traveling to Thua Thien Hue

Hue not only attracts a large number of destinations to visit with many historical sites but also famous for its high royal cuisine. Let’s take a look at the 10 famous dishes of Hue which are difficult to resist.

Top 10 famous dishes not to be missed when traveling to Thua Thien Hue

Mussel Rice Hue

Images of

Mussel rice

Mussel rice is a dish that hardly anyone who comes to Hue can resist it. The dish is simple but hidden inside is the sophisticated cuisine which makes the food attractive to visitors.

With many kinds of ingredients, the bowl of mussel has the beautiful aroma of vegetable, sweet taste of the mussels and the taste of the fish sauce. Moreover, the mussel rice is spicy, but people love that flavor.

Beef noodle of Hue

Hue beef noodle soup

Hue beef noodles are one of the 12 dishes of Vietnam has been established in Asia record in 2012. Enjoy the famous specialty beef noodles in Hue, visitors not only feel the taste of the ancient capital of Vietnam, but also enjoy the cultural behavior of the hospitality of the people here. Today, Hue beef noodle has many versions, but it still keeps the typical, unique flavor.

Mussel noodles

Mussel noodles

Mussel noodle is a version of mussel rice. This dish has belonged to the lower class who lives nearby Hương river. A full bowl of mussel noodles including noodles, fried mussels, chili sauce, fresh peppers, herbs, sliced banana and deep fried pork fat. Besides, there is a bowl of water and a spice tray for guests to taste themselves.

Nam Phổ Noodle

Nam Phổ noodle

Not famous as Huế noodles or mussel rice, but the Nam Pho crab soup still attracts many visitors come to here to enjoy whenever they have an opportunity. The dish is a red color of cashew nuts with water, hides inside the crab meat and shrimp, with a few slices of chopped chili and a cilantro.

Nem Lui Hue

Hue Nem Lụi

Nem Lui Hue is made in the same way as spring rolls with pork and spices, but instead of being wrapped, Hue people shape it into long round pieces and grilled on a charcoal stove. Nem Hue has the same way to enjoy as many Vietnam dishes. People eat it with rice paper and vegetables such as lettuce, cilantro, parsley, banana,… and a bowl of Vietnamese typical dipping sauce

Beo Cake

Bèo cake

Bèo cakes are made from rice flour which is held in a tiny cups, served with sweet fish sauce, simple but hidden inside is a unique flavor. This dish is attractive with the white color of the dough, the yellow color of the shrimp with a cup of sweet fish sauce. To eat Hue cakes, dinners must take it slowly to feel the deliciousness.

Hue cakes

Come to the ancient city, visitors can not ignore some famous cakes here such as buns, moon cake, the little cake, or rice cake, Bèo cake, Bột Lọc cake … Each dish brought back a different taste for tourists, but they are all delicious.

Hue Sweet Gruel

Hue sweet gruel

After eating many delicious salty dishes, visitors should try other sweet dishes of Hue. Hue people have dozens of types of sweet gruel with all the delicious flavors such as taro, corn, sticky rice, green bean, red bean,…

Chung Cake

Nhat Le – Chung cakes

Nhat Le – Chung cakes originate from Nhat Le street, where dozens of bakeries are concentrated. The combination of meat (fat and lean) with glutinous rice and spices such as pepper and onions, beautiful aromatic of green bean create a delightful dish which can be eaten in any time of year.

Tré Hue

Tré Hue

Tré is a special dish of Hue by the sophisticated in the process. It has been developed through many years to become a specialty food of ancient capital.

It is not the same as Nem and pork pie, all ingredients in Tré have to be cooked. It is necessary to have beef steamed in spicy fish sauce with the sweet taste of sugar. Pork is divided into 2 parts, one is fried until golden, one is boiled and cut into thin slice. Then cook put all ingredients together in the bamboo trunk.

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Hue people seem to be very friendly, but this friendliness is a combination of two distinguished characteristics: loving to talk and being very “shy”! Hue people never want to resist their temptation to share with others their ups and downs as well as express their position about any affairs taking place around them. This can be seen much more clearly if you make time to drop by the countryside where the neighbors, in the morning, gather together to sip tea and talk about every issue varying from their family to the news they have recently heard. Hue people, however, sometimes look very secret and sometimes very ashamed. An instance illustrating this point in action is Hue girls who, unlike people coming from the other parts of Vietnam, are very shy when meeting strangers and never want to say everything in a straightforward and direct way! Hue people are naturally shy but this does not mean that shyness stops them from being dynamic and sociable. I myself am a case in point. I am normally very ashamed but extremely energetic when studying English and especially when interacting with the foreigners. This makes it clear that Hue people can change their original personality when being put in an environment where they are necessarily forced to do so.

The last but definitely not the least thing that foreign tourists should keep in mind is that Hue people consider their family above anything else. To be sure, on Tet holiday, no matter how busy they are, Hue people try to come back home in order to enjoy the cosy atmosphere in such a special event. To them, Lunar New Year is the most precious chance for them to gather with family and compensate for the long time they are far away from home requesting for life. Another good example is that these days, in a large number of parts in Vietnam, it has become a norm for young couples to live independently from their parents by moving to a new house to lead their married life, it has still been traditional for three or four generations in a typical Hue family to live together. These, accordingly, speak volumes for the fact that Hue people treasure highly the role of their family.

One of the most prominent benefits of travelling is that the tourists can enrich their knowledge and experience during the journey. Therefore, it is highly hoped that the tourists should, in addition to taking close notice of the tourism sites, spend more time getting to know about the human beauty in order to qualify their understanding of where they are visiting. If they can do so, their journey will be absolutely complete and much more fascinating.

Thank you very much for having spent part of your day visiting my page. The entry would be much more perfect and satisfying if some of your suggestions and additional views on Hue people were contributed.



Top 10 famous dishes not to be missed when traveling Tien Giang

Tien Giang is a province of the Mekong. Coming to Tien Giang, tourists will not only be able to visit the tourist attractions but also enjoy many local specialties food. Come to 10 famous dishes of Tien Giang that visitors should not miss when coming here!

My Tho noodle soup

My Tho noodle soup

My Tho noodles in Tien Tho is a famous dish of Tien Giang, the noodles are soft and sweet, soup is dense, clear and full of flavor.

Noodles are put into boiling water for a few second, then added to the bowl, chives, lettuce, mushrooms, lettuce, or seafood on top and pour soup. When eating, people will sprinkle extra salt and pepper.

Tan Phong Snail

Tan Phong snail

Tan Phong snails are very famous, the snails are small. In the breeding season, snail meat is very fleshy, sweet and chewy crispy. Tan Phong snail can be cooked in a variety of delicious dishes such as boiled snails, stirred with lemon sauce, ginger, garlic, and coconut.

Vá Cake

Vá Cake

The cake in the southern language is called Vá cake. This is a famous dish in Giong market. Cake made from rice flour, pig liver, sprouts, green onion, and shrimp. Cook deep fries the cake in hot oil, wait for the cake to stick together, then slowly pull out, the cake turns yellow is okay. This dish is served with chili sauce.

Bèo cakes

Hang Bong pudding at Hang Bong Market is a famous dish of My Tho. There are two types of cake to choose: Salty and sweet. Fresh sweet cakes are greasy by fresh coconut milk. The host often serves the cake with chili sauce and some melon to invite guests.

Coconut covers Banana

This dish is made from the old green banana and the small string of coconut. When eaten, sprinkle with ground roasted peanuts. People eat it with vegetables and sweet and sour sauce. When eating, people can taste the sweetness of banana and sugar, aroma of coconut.

Chả Grill – Gạo Market

This dish is made from shoulder meat that has just boiled, minced or sliced and marinated with onion and garlic. When the meat is cooked, mix well with duck eggs, pepper, and fish sauce to fit the mouth. This mixture is put into a cast iron with a layer of banana leaves underneath, then cooked on the stove until the sauce is dry and sticky. This dish is served with rice paper rolls with herbs, lettuce, and sweet and sour sauce.

Horseshoe crab - Go Cong

Horseshoe crab – Go Cong, Tien Giang

Go Cong is a place where there are many shrimps and fish but the best one is still Sam (Vietnam), around October to February is the Sam season, with many eggs which are fat and very delicious. Horseshoe crab, after being cleaned, baked on a charcoal stove, roasted until the shells change color. Besides, people here also use Sam to cook sour soup with mint, vegetable or dragon beans. Sam egg omelet is also very delicious and strange mouth.

My Tho noodles

It is similar to noodle dish because of the raw material. Noodles soup must be cooked with tamarind to make sour, sweet, typical flavor, eat with shrimp, pork, and onion.

Sweet and Sour Noodles are often served with Banana, Mango, and Chives. The sauce must be added pure fish sauce, to create the delicious flavor.

Milk Fruit

Milk fruit – Lò Rèn

Lo Ren milk fruit is a famous specialty fruit of Tien Giang. Milk fruit here is round, with thin peel, small seeds, thick and soft meat, sweet taste, pleasant smell.

Tien Giang shrimp sauce

Tien Giang shrimp sauce

Go Cong shrimp sauce is a specialty food which was a royal dish in the first half of the 19th century.

Shrimp paste is usually served with rice noodles and boiled meat. The noodles must be small noodles, pork meat must be armpit meat, soft skin and thin fat, boiled to medium, thin slices to eat, with banana, pickles, cucumbers, and vegetables of all kinds.

Top 10 Dishes Which Can Not Be Ignored in Ninh Binh

Top 10 dishes which can not be ignored in Ninh Binh

Find out 10 famous dishes of Ninh Binh right now!

Fried Rice Ninh Binh

Fried Rice Ninh Binh

Fried Rice Ninh Binh

Rice is one of the most famous products of Ninh Binh. Ninh Binh cooked rice is different from other places. When enjoying, the pieces of rice are not dry but crispy in the mouth. The dishes come with pork, shrimp, and green onion.

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Kim Son fish salad

Kim Son fish salad

Kim Son fish salad

There are many popular dishes in Ninh Binh, but fish salad in Kim Son is considered the best. Dishes have the aroma of sticky rice flour and vinegar with garlic, chili, pepper, and citronella. Salted fish with its typical flavor is the things that tourist can’t forget.

Medium rare goat Hoa Lu

Medium rare goat Hoa Lu

The deliciousness of the dish in Hoa Lu is different from other areas because of the quality of meat, seasoning, especially, sauce and herbs such as Basil, parsley,… Medium rare goat is a delicious food that uses to recover the body, and a cure for the disease because it contains many rare herbs.

Nem Chua Yen Mac

Nem Chua Yen Mac

If there is a chance to go to Ninh Binh, customers must enjoy Yen Mo Nem Chua. Nem Chua here is made from butt pork, along with some families like rice flour, salt… Dishes are served with garlic lemonade sauce and Sung leaves.

Fish steamed with Gáo

Gáo is a tree which has many in some streams or foothills in Ninh Binh, with many uses such as medicine or cooking. There are two types used to steamed with fish is green and yellow. Cook will add Gáo leave at the bottom of the pot, followed by fish. Fish fillets taste very strange and a little bit sour taste.

Minced pork noodle

Minced pork noodle

Minced pork noodle

Minced pork noodle includes sprout, minced pork ball, noodle and raw vegetables. The ingredients are simple but people do a lot of work from ingredients. Cook will put all the ingredients in a bowl, and add more or less soup depends on guests. If you have the chance to visit Diem restaurant – Kim Son Hotel will not miss this unique dish.

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Shrimp paste Gia Vien

Shrimp paste Gia Vien

Coming to Ninh Binh, customers will not miss the opportunity to enjoy Gia Vien shrimp paste. This type of sauce is made from the fresh shrimps, which are small and green. After being salted, the cook has to wait a month.

Crabs stirred with Lốt leaves

A very strange dish that customer must taste when coming to Ninh Binh. Fatty crab with lot of meat, smell good, stirred with Lốt leave – a typical leave of countryside create a delicious dish which has become a specialty food

Eel noodles

Eel noodle in Ninh Binh only uses brown eel, although small but very sweet and tasty. Eel noodles are usually served with banana blossoms to avoid the fishy smell.

Nho Quan purple sticky rice with ant egg

Nho Quan purple sticky rice with ant egg

Nho Quan is a jagged limestone mountain, which is the home of black and with a lot of eggs. On February of the lunar calendar, local people will start collecting the eggs.

Nho Quan egg sticky rice is special gifts of nature. It has become a fascinating Ninh Binh specialty food for hundred years.

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Top 50 famous Vietnamese dishes P2

Discover about 50 famous dishes of Vietnam P2

Quang Noodle

Quang noodle (Quang Nam)

It is similar to Cao Lau and is often mistaken for Cao Lau, but if you only taste it once, you will notice that these two dishes are completely different. Quang noodle is often eaten with shrimp, meat, quail eggs … all are soaked in spices.

There is will be the shortage of this dish missing the crispy pancakes and raw vegetables.

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Barely grilled cow

Barely grilled cow

To successfully do this dish, the cook must learn how to adjust the fire at the right time. Many kinds of vegetables are used to wrap with grilled cow (perilla, cilantro, lettuce, pickles, thin banana, basil, cinnamon,…)

When come to restaurant, guests can order any part of cow, such as tenderloin, ribs, …

Goby fish in Tra River (Quang Ngai)

Goby fish is a lot in Tra River. This kind of fish is small, light yellow, finger-sized. Goby is cleaned, marinated with fish sauce, pepper, sugar… for ten minutes. Then add the salt to taste.

Don (Quang Ngai)

Don (Quang Ngai)

Don is one of the very unique, cool, nutritious, cheap and attractive dishes. Don belongs to the clam family, but smaller than the clam.

Good food made from Don is soup and porridge. To welcome the guests, the host will make stirred don with rice noodle, clear noodle or flat noodle.

Bun Cha Ca Quy Nhon

Bun Chả Quy Nhon

There are 2 types of Bun Cha in Quy Nhon: steamed fish ball and fried fish ball (fried ball is separated into two types: large slices and small ball which is deep in sauce) To make the best fish ball, the cook must use Saurida ume-Yoshii because of its meat very soft and fat.

The Delicious ball doesn’t have the fish smell. It will be a little bit spicy and tasted fresh. The soup is cooked water of bone and fish head. They add some cashew nut to make the soup has the yellow color.


Salanganes’Nest (Khanh Hoa)

Salanganes nests have high nutrition, give strengthen, good sleep, stop bleeding, cure cough, hemorrhage, and dysentery. Bird’s Nest has round or oval shape, semicircular, gray-white, sometimes pink or red …

How to cook the nest: Soak the nest in water 3-4 hours or hot water 30 minutes to an hour, then remove feathers, rubbish, mountain moss, and other dirty things. The nest can be cooked into many delicious dishes such as: oatmeal, oat soup …

Căn cake (Ninh Thuan)

Ingredients for making căn cake is rice soaked for 6 to 8 hours and then grinded into powder. Cook uses a large stove, on top is small round holes, about 8-16 holes; the body of the stove hold charcoal. He applies oil into each mold, waits to hot then pours flour mixture into it and fries until yellow.

People use a metal stick to remove the cake from the mold. When the top of the cake is spongy and dry, the rim of the cake shrinks and peels off. The cake is ripe and edible.

Hot cakes served with sweet and sour fish sauce, raw vegetables, crispy bread.

Binh Thuan hot pot

Binh Thuan hot pot

The soup of Binh Thuan hot pot is made quite simply, not as sophisticated as raw materials used to eat hot pot. Just let a little tomato and chicken cubes, some seasonings.

Guests can enjoy Binh Thuan hot pot in 2 ways: If you like simplicity, you can choose how to enjoy the hot pot with some vegetables, fish, meat, eggs.

KonPlong Grilled Chicken (Kon Tum)

This is the type of chicken raised in the upland. To make the dish, chicken is cleaned, pecked at the buoys, then cook use the skewers punch it from the anus to the head. Lemongrass and lemon leaves are stuffed into the belly, then sewed. Onion, soy sauce was applied outside the chicken. The chicken is roasted on the charcoal stove.

When eating, tear the chicken into pieces and dip it in chili salts. Grilled chicken is tastier when eating with alcohol.

Dried phở (Gia Lai)

Dried noodles are made from rice flour, not soft and fluffy like normal noodles. Dried noodles are eating with mixed minced meat, top sprinkled with a layer of fried onion, green onion. When eating, the cook will give the customer a bowl of soup with beef, corn, or maybe chicken, sprinkle a little-chopped cilantro, black pepper.

Vegetables served with dried rice noodles are just lettuce, basil, and parsley, add a little bit of brown rice.

Stewed pork with Artiso flower

Stewed pork with Artiso flower

Dishes are not sophisticated, but cook has to be patient. Pig’s legs after seasoned, put into the pot boiled water, keep small fire and regularly pick up the foam to make the soup more clear.

When cooking the pig’s leg, cook skillfully adds dried red onions and herbs to create sweetness and aroma for the dish. After the pig’s leg is well done, they add the Artiso flowers, then boil for 10 minutes more.

Trang Bang noodle (Tay Ninh province)

For a delicious Trang Bang soup, the first requirement is to have delicious noodle which is made from delicious rice, soaked thoroughly through a night so that the rice is soft enough, then grinded, filtered, steamed to make the pastry soft, flexible, white.Broth soup is made from the bones of pigs, the best is the tube bone.

This dish is a perfect blend of sweet flesh of meat, soft of noodle with sour, salty, spicy soup.

Bèo Bì Cake (Binh Duong)

Bèo Bì is made from special red rice, so that is has a special flavor. Rice flour is poured into small cups, steamed, on the face is covered with green beans.

Cook also made a side dish which is from pig’s skin and coconut milk, cut into the small string, mix well with baked and ground rice.

When eating, put the dough on the plate together with pickles, herbs, sprinkle peanuts, the cup of sweet and sour sauce mixed with garlic, chili, lemon.

Khot Cake (Ba Ria – Vung Tau)

Raw materials are rice cake flour, but the preparation must be careful. If cook adds more flour than water, the cake will be dry and not chewy, and more water than the flour is doughy, not crispy. On the white background of dough is the red color of shrimp, green onion, and sometimes, a little purple of shrimp paste.

Sauce for the cake is the sweet fish sauce. People eat this with papaya, pickled carrots soaked with sugar vinegar, salad vegetables: basil, coriander, perilla … make the dishes get more flavors.

Salad roll (Sai Gon)

The salad rolls whether appearing on the street or in the restaurant will not lose its typical flavor: thin rice paper, herbs, raw vegetable, shrimp, meat. This dish requires the skillful person to wrap a beautiful roll.

The salad is delicious because it combines all fresh ingredients, and the sauce is such a decisive factor. It is difficult to count how many types of sauce in Vietnam, but for the best Salad roll, cook usually uses Nêm sauce.

Spring rolls (Saigon)

Depending on some part of Vietnam, spring rolls have different names. Nem is the way to call in the North. In the Central, this dish is often called chopsticks, while in the South there are Cha Gio. The northern nem usually has more eggs, Sai Gon spring roll often adds cassava roots, or taro or sweet potato. Particularly, the spring roll is also depended on the hobby, which is changed in a subtle way, such as shrimp, seafood…

Saigon spring rolls have many kinds: fruit spring rolls, vegetarian spring rolls, seafood spring rolls,…

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Tấm Rice (Sai Gon)

Tấm rice is famous mostly in the south of Vietnam with many types, such as: Chinese Tấm rice, Long Xuyen Tấm rice,… Although not special, only with a plate of rice, top with ribs, and a little stirred green onions, add a cup of sauce, so simple but when you enjoy the whole flavors together, new delight taste will surely melt in your mouth.

My Tho noodle soup (Tien Giang):

My Tho Noodle is eaten with vinegar or vegetable, chili, lime, and soy sauce.

The most delicious noodles are made of Go Cat rice (specialties food such as Hương rice). Basically, the sweetness of the broth comes from tunnel pig’s bones. My Tho noodles do not have shrimp and quail eggs like Nam Vang noodle soup, just normal ingredients such as ribs, intestine, tenderloin.

Long Xuyen Fish noodle (An Giang)

The noodles are very eye-catching with the golden color of the fried fish and the green of the spinach. The soup is cooked sweet with snakehead fish. When the fish is cooked, fish meat is separated into small pieces, bone is taken out, stirred with turmeric to kill the smell of fish.

Stewed Duck (Can Tho)

Stewed Duck is popular with Southern people, but this dish is best in Can Tho.

Stewed Duck

For a pot of stewed, people choose duck which weight is about 1.5 kg. After cleaned duck, cook use ginger to apply evenly on the skin, then cut in into pieces and marinate with spices including garlic, ginger, pepper, chili, coconut milk. Duck meat is marinated for about 30 minutes and then fried. Taro sliced like the French fry. Put the duck into the stew pot with fresh coconut milk, until tender then adds the taro, onion, mushrooms.

7 dishes from fish in Hau Giang

Hau Giang is an area of Thác Lác fish. Thác Lác fish in here have better taste than any areas. That is why many products are processed from this specialty food.

This fish can be made into many dishes, such as fried, grilled with lemongrass pepper, tamarind hot pot,…

Cóng Cake (Soc Trang):

Cóng cake is made of delicious rice, soaked through two nights and then grind to get the flour. Blending the powder is important as it decides the unique flavor of the cake. Fresh shrimps, green beans, and minced meat are all stuffed in the cake.

Fish sauce is the pure fish sauce, add some lemon, sugar, chili, garlic to make a mixture of amber color, served with lettuce, herbs, carrots, banana, cucumber.

Noodle soup (Soc Trang):

The aromatic salty smell of sweet sauce, fresh shrimp, add some slice of snakehead fish creates a typical dish of the countryside.

The special feature of Soc Trang soup is that it’s very clear. Cook doesn’t put the ingredients into pot directly. Instead, they put all ingredients in a clothes bag, then deep into boiling water.

Tằm Bì cake (Bac Lieu):

Tằm Bì cake must be made from rice, soak overnight and put in salt water, then soak for 2 more nights. The most important stage is stirring the dough. Because if stirring too hard, the dough will break easily, if the stirring is too soft, the cake will stick, not separate.

Then cook will choose tender pork, boil, and cut, mix with spices, and most important: coconut milk. Cake served with raw vegetables, add a little peanut, pickle.

U Minh fish sauce

U Minh fish sauce (Ca Mau):

Fish sauce Hotpot is regarded as typical food and the soul dish of the Southwest. Main ingredients are made from various fish sauce cooked with coconut water or broth. A spoonful of hot pot, customers will feel the sweet, salty, rich and sweet savors of Chau Doc fish sauce….  See more at Mekong Delta Tour

Squid’s egg balls (Ca Mau):

The preparation of this dish is difficult. Squid caught in the night are cut out for eggs. Between 10-12 kg of fresh squid contains one kilogram of eggs. Eggs are coated with duck eggs, meat and pig’s liver that the fishermen carry on board. After that, the mixture is shaped into the ball, and dried before being brought back to the mainland.

The fried squid’s egg is fatty, and smell very good.

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Top 50 famous Vietnamese dishes P1

Discover about 50 famous dishes of Vietnam

“Many of the most popular dishes can be made just as well on the side of the road as in a top-end restaurant – Vietnam Food” by CNN.

Pho Ha Noi

Pho Hanoi

Pho is one of the pride of Hanoi people. Everyone is attracted to this dish because of the noodle soup which is sweet and nutritious. Flat noodle is soft, come with some slices of beef or chicken, green onion on top, and then the cook poured hot soup into the bowl, created a master piece of color. People always eat Pho with lemon, chilies, pepper and fish sauce. This delicious dish can be used for breakfast, lunch, afternoon or evening.

Many famous Vietnamese writers such as Thach Lam, Nguyen Tuan, Vu Bang … mentioned Pho in their works.

Cha Ca La Vong

Cha Ca La Vong (Hanoi)

La Vong fried fish is made from snakehead fish. Fish fillets are marinated with turmeric, ginger, fish sauce, shrimp paste, minced onion, chopped garlic, minced chili,…

Before eating, guests will put the red onion into the pan, stir with a little bit of green onion, then add cut vegetables and marinated juice. Finally, put the seasoned fish on vegetables, lightly turn not to make fish crushed. La Vong fried fish is eaten with rice noodles, shrimp paste, thinly cut coconut, fried peanuts, and pickles.

On a cold winter’s day, people love sitting next to a warm stove, enjoy this hot dish with some herbs.

Obama's Bun Cha Ha Noi

Bun Cha (Hanoi)

Bun Cha is a famous dish that everyone likes, even Mr. Obama – Rea more: Ha Noi Tours

It is made from pork which cut into sliced or minced and then marinated with fish sauce, pepper, and dried onions. The dipping sauce is simply mixed with the requirement to achieve a harmonious combination of the salty taste of the fish sauce, sweetness of the sugar, sour of vinegar, and a little bit spicy of chilies, garlic, papaya, paprika. This dish is usually eaten with a lot of vegetables: salad, cilantro, basil,…


Bun Thang (Hanoi):

Bun Thang is such a sophisticated dish of Vietnamese cuisine.

Noodle soup is cooked from chicken broth and pork bones. To keep the soup clear, the cook has to continuously remove the brown bubble which appears when the soup is boiling, then add dried shrimps.

Next thing for the cook to prepare is the topping: egg, pork cake, chicken, mushroom, onion. Everything must be seasoned, cooked and sliced into the thin string.

There are also have some others spice which is added after personal taste.

Thanh Tri rice cake

Thanh Tri rice cake (Hanoi)

Thanh Tri rice cake is special because it’s very thin. After taking cakes out of the pot, cook adds a layer of fried green onion on top, stack them into ladder shape with banana leave under.

Take a piece cake, roll it and dip in fish sauce, eater will feel the harmony between the smell, the sweet taste of cake mixed with salt, sour taste of the sauce.

Six dishes from tiny pig (Lai Chau)

Tiny pigs live in uplands, mostly in Lai Chau.

This breed has very good stamina, they find roots and leaves for food. New born pig can even run. It follows their parents for a few days and then separates. By eating natural plants and slowly grow, each pig is just about 10 to 15 kg but its meat is very delicious.

Dry buffalo meat (Dien Bien)

Dry buffalo meat (Dien Bien)

When people kill the buffalo, if they can’t eat the whole, the leftover will be seasoned and hanged on the kitchen until dried. It becomes the special dish of upland minorities.

The technical is quite simple. The large pieces of meat are seasoned with salt, ginger, typical spices of the minority. After marinated, pieces of meat are cooked to remove water and then hanged until dried.

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Sour Phở (Lạng Sơn)

Sour Pho is a special version of Lang Son people. This dish consists of two parts: dry ingredients and sauce. Dry ingredients are noodle, meat, and cucumber. The special of this dish is the sour sauce which is poured later. Peanuts, fried sweet potatoes, and dried onions are also added on top of the bowl. When eating, guest can mix well or not.

Sour Phở

Sour Pho is considered a cool dish so it’s very suitable to eat during the hot season. However, if eaten in the cold season, noodles and water will be warmed up before being served to guests.

Fried squid-cake

Fried squid-cake

Fried squid-cake is the most well-known and special dish of Halong. If tourists come there but not enjoy squid-cake, they can not feel the full flavor and features of the sea. Fried squid-cake is crispy outside, juicy inside and taste sweet.

Yen Tien Duck

This type of duck is crossbred between duck and goose will definitely give the tourist a strange flavor but very tasty.

Yen Tien duck is usually served with the sauce made from Cat Tien, Van Yen, Cat Hai with sweet savor, the herb from Guangxi and the hot taste of Tien Yen ginger.

Perch rice noodles

The perch is boiled up, removed bones, marinated with salt, then fried until gold, or shaped into small balls. Seasoned perch has the typical flavor of freshwater fish, aroma of herbs and beautiful brown color.

Perch rice noodles

The soup is pure cooking water of perch. Normally, Cook will add water double the fish, boil about 2 – 3 hours and then remove the residue.

Guest can eat noodle with many vegetables which must be fresh or caviar.

Crab noodle (Hai Phong)

Crab noodle is the typical and most famous dish of Hai Phong province.

A delicious bowl of crab noodle must have at least 5 colors: dark brown of noodle, light brown of crab, green of vegetable, red of chilies and yellow of fried dried onion.

Phu Ly Stuffed pancake with bbq pork(Ha Nam)

Phu Ly stuffed pancakes are thick, have a little meat inside and no oil outside.

BBQ pork sticks are made from thinly sliced pork, marinated with many spices, grilled on charcoal. The sauce is the typical sauce of Vietnam but must be heated. This dish is served with papaya, paprika, raw vegetables.

Big noodle (Nam Dinh)

Noodles are available, but in Nam Dinh, it is different. The noodles are big in size, soft but firm, not sticky.

Nam Dinh noodle usually comes with a bowl of sour red soup. The main ingredients of soup are tomato and crab. Like every dish of Vietnam, people enjoy this dish with vegetables depends on the season.

Truong Yen mountain goat 6 dishes (Ninh Binh)

Goats in the wilderness of Ninh Binh eat the variety of natural plants, which is why their meat is firm, smell good than industrial goats.

From goat, cook can make many unique dishes: goat blood soup, pan fried, steamed with ginger, lime; fried with lemongrass, chili; grilled goat, goat’s hot pot, goat’s curry,…

Fried rice Cake (Ninh Binh)

The full dish or dried rice cake is included: fire rice, beef or fried pork with vegetables like onion, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes and other sauces. For rice is delicious, people use Huong stick rice.

Cook will put rice in an iron pot. When it’s well done, they take it out and let in the sun for 2 – 3 days, then fry until crispy.

A piece of cooked rice is served with fish sauce, pork floss.

Eel soup

Eel soup

Eel meat after cleaned will be stir-fried with turmeric, chilies and ground pepper. Soup is made from bones of pigs and eels. The best eel soup is in Nghe An, Ha Tinh.

Eel soup is usually served with bread or pancake which is smooth and thin.

Small Clam (Quang Binh)

Too get the meat of small clam is very time-consuming. After taking out the meat, the cook must clean it thoroughly. Boiled water is used to make soup or porridge.

Often they make clam soup with jackfruit, vegetable. Besides soup or porridge, the clam can be stirred with basil.

Beef noodle of Hue

Beef noodle of Hue (Thua Thien Hue)

With the ingredients is white, soft noodle, sweet stock, juicy beef, Beef noodle of Hue still keeps the traditional flavor from the old time.

Thin slices of beef, minced chilies, cashew nuts, green onion,… Everything combines together in the bowl with eye-catching colors.

Beef noodle comes with vegetables such as cilantro, spinach, bitter vegetables, sprouts …

Steamed rice cake

Bèo cake (Thua Thien Hue)

Bèo cake is served on the tray. Only before eating does Cook adds a little of the oil, chili sauce, and green onion on the dough which is made of rice flour. Eater will have to use a bamboo knife, it is a bamboo stick which peak is shaped into the blade. Depending on the taste that tourist can give less fish sauce or add chili.

Clam rice (Thua Thien-Hue)

Clam rice is a combination of many wild ingredients, such as sliced banana flowers, carrots, sprout, star fruit, roasted peanuts, deep fried pig’s skin. All mixed with spices to create a typical dish of Hue, a little spicy, sweet and salty.

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Shrimp rice cake (Thua Thien Hue)

Main ingredients of this dish are flour, shrimp, pork, green onion and sweet, sour sauce. CNNGo page once introduced Shrimp cake as one of 30 delicious cakes in the world.

This is a specialty food of Middle Vietnam, popular in Hue and Da Nang. There are two kinds of shrimp cake: banana leaf (steamed) and bare (boiled) cake. In the restaurant of Vietnam, people often sell this cake together with some other types of food such as rice crackers, buns, cakes … the price of about 10,000 to 15,000 for a plate.

Khoái Cake

Khoái Cake is a beautiful harmony of colors. The name of it says it all, Khoái means pleasant. The yellow of cake because of turmeric powder, the white color of the sprout, the red color of shrimp, the brown color of the fresh mushrooms combine together on the plate.

The dipping sauce is made from soy sauce. The taste of the sauce supposedly takes 50% deliciousness of the dish. It is a combination of the salty taste of soy sauce, the fatty taste of minced pig’s liver, the sweetness of the sugar, the taste of roasted peanuts.

Pork rolls (Da Nang)

The main secret of the dish is the pork fillet, which is a meat tenderloin selected from the best part of the pig. Pork is steamed to keep the delicious, sweet taste of the meat.

Can be missed ingredient of Pork roll is vegetables. In just a roll, diners can feel the freshness of lettuce, cilantro, the rich aroma of cinnamon, herbs, the light taste of unripe banana slices along with the strange taste of shiso.

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Top 10 tourist destinations of Dong Thap

Dong Thap is a suitable place for eco-tourism with lotus fields. Especially, there is a giant lotus bred that adults can stand on its leaf which is very unique attraction to tourists. Discover the 10 famous tourist attractions of Dong Thap are featured below!

Top 10 tourist destinations of Dong Thap – Mekong Delta Area

Top 10 tourist destinations of Dong Thap

Sa Dec flower village

Speaking of flowers and plants, people will immediately think of Sa Dec village. Over the past hundred years, Sa Dec has been known throughout the country for its ornamental plants and ornamental flowers.

If visitors have a chance to come to Dong Thap, they should pass by Sa Dec flower village – one of the flower centers of the southern area which is located in Tan Quy Dong. In this peaceful village, visitors will feel like a world full of colors and magic scent.

Thap Muoi Lotus Field

Thap Muoi lotus field

Thap Muoi lotus field is a popular tourist destination of Dong Thap, located in My Hoa commune, Thap Muoi district. The attraction of this resort is that when you come here, you will enjoy the full of pure, peaceful atmosphere brought by the incense and color of the vast lotus fields.

Dong Sen Thap Muoi Ecological Park is arranged in a simple way, intact with its inherent nature. Standing in the middle of lotus land, guests can enjoy the low pace of life, separated from the modern world busy, crowded out there.

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Huynh Thuy Le ancient house

Huynh Thuy Le ancient house is located at 255A, Nguyen Hue Street, Ward 2 of Sa Dec. In addition to the combination of East-West architecture, the old house is also famous for its borderless relationship between a French girl (Marguerite Duras) and Vietnamese guy (Huynh Thuy Le, the hostess) who was rich in the early 20th century. This ancient house was built by Huynh Cam Thuan – father of Huynh Thuy Le, a well-known Chinese businessman of the time in Sa Dec.

Kien An Pagoda

Kien An Pagoda is also called Quach Pagoda, which is located in the heart of Sa Dec city, opposite Cai Son canal. The temple was built in the years 1924-1927 by the Chinese from Fujian.

The pagoda is built in Chinese architecture, with the shape of Cong (工) consisted of three compartments: Dong lang, Tay Lang, and the main palace. The tile roof consists of 3 layers, the top and bottom surface are tile, the middle is brick. Tile roofs are waved, mimics the ripples of dragons, creates a roof in the “five elements”. Each wave head is a small palace.


Phuoc Kien Temple

Phuoc Kien is a small pagoda in Hoa Tan commune, Chau Thanh district. This place has a strange lotus plant that people can stand on the leaf without sinking. In front of the pagoda are a small pond and a large pond on the hind side with strange lotus bred with giant leaves, curving rim. If tourists don’t see it with their own eyes, they will think that there are steel frames under the leaf, so that 50kg people can stand on it without sinking.

Phó Bảng shrine

Nguyen Sinh Sac shrine is located at 123/1 Pham Huu Lau, Ward 4 of Cao Lanh City. This is the work to record the gift of Deputy Nguyen Sinh Sac, a patriot, and father of President Ho Chi Minh. The site has an area of 3.6 hectares and is divided into three main areas: the tomb of Deputy Nguyen Sinh Sac, Uncle Ho’s stilt house and lotus pond.


Xeo Quyt

Historical site: Xeo Quyt

Xeo Quyt has belonged to My Hiep and My Long communes of Cao Lanh district, where was the revolutionary base of Dong Thap People’s Committee who led the resistance war against the US from 1960 to 1975. Xeo Quyt site is diverse of plants and animal with many rare species.

Visiting the Melaleuca forest of Xeo Quyt in the high water season, tourists will have the opportunity to go to the jungle by rowing boats to see the beauty of the place. The unique and unusual feature here is that on the Melaleuca tree there is a thick, dense creeper that adds more cover to the root. A hum of the birds, the sound of the fish, and the delight of the tourists will break the silence here.

Gao Giong Ecotourism Area

Gao Giong Ecotourism Resort is located in hamlet 6, Gao Giong commune, Cao Lanh district. This eco-tourism resort was formed on the basis of Gieng Giong forest. At this place, visitors can go to the observation tower which is18 meters high to admire the vast green of Melaleuca, rice field or herds.


Tram Chim National Park

Tram Chim National Park

Huge melaleuca forests, green meadows in the midst of the vast river with many birds standing, flying on the lake or the haughty beauty of the red Crane are unforgettable impression in the hearts of travelers when coming to Melaleuca National Park – the most attractive tourist destination in Dong Thap

Go Thap

Go Thap site

Go Thap is a special national monument, covering an area of 320ha with two parts, one belonged to My Hoa Commune and one belonged to Tan Kieu Commune, Thap Muoi District.

This site has 5 small parts: Thap Muoi mound, Hoang Co temple, Thap Muoi pagoda, the tomb of Nguyen Tuan Kieu, and Minh Su mound. Go Thap Site is believed that it used to be an ancient culture of Vietnam.

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Cambodia Travel Guide

Cambodia is one of my all time favorite destinations. It may be a flawed, corrupt, barren country, but filled with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever encountered, rich history, delicious food, beautiful coastline, and a lively nightlife. Cambodia is a country still trying to find its way. Development hasn’t been great, as corrupt officials have hindered growth by selling off most of the country to investors. But in all my visits here, I always fall more madly in love with the place and can’t recommend it enough to everyone I meet. It always surprises you. This country guide to Cambodia can help you plan your trip.

Typical Costs

Accommodation – Dorm rooms in hostels start at around 17,000-21,000 KHR. Private rooms generally go for 20,000-40,000 KHR per night. You can get comfortable hotels for 60,000-80,000 KHR with air con, tv, and other amenities. Beyond that, the sky is the limit but I’ve never needed to spend more than 100,000 KHR per night for luxury in this country.

Food – Food is very cheap in Cambodia. Local street vendors will cost you about 4,000-8,000 KHR per meal, and basic restaurant meals will cost between 12,000-20,000 KHR. Western meals at nice restaurants go between 20,000-40,000 KHR. You can get some really world class food in Phnom Phen these days for around 32,000-40,000 KHR.

Transportation – Local city transportation is cheap, costing only a few dollars. You can get a bus anywhere in the country for under 40,000 KHR and renting a driver for the day will set you back between 60,000-80,000 KHR.

Activities – You can find a little bit of everything here, from free to relatively expensive. Those planning on visiting Angkor (most are) should factor in the cost of entrance fees, about 80,000 KHR per day, as well as the cost to travel there. Other tours, hikes, and entrance fees are between 40,000-80,000 KHR depending on the length and popularity of the activity.

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Money Saving Tips

Cambodia is one of the cheapest countries in Southeast Asia. There really aren’t any big money saving tips here because just by being here, you are saving money. Food, accommodation, and transportation are all dirt cheap.

Minimize your drinks – Drinks, though, really add up. Every drink is a dollar and before you know it, you’ve spent more money on beer than on food and accommodation. There’s no reason this country should cost you more than 80,000 KHR per day but if you drink a lot, you’ll need a slightly higher budget.

Top Things to See and Do in Cambodia
Angkor Wat – This huge temple complex is the reason most people visit Cambodia. The temple ruins are massive, and you’ll need a few days to explore all of them. While there’s a lot more to the country than this UNESCO site (too many people only come to visit Angkor), no trip is complete without satisfying your inner Tomb Raider and exploring these ruins.

Tongle Sap – Sailing down this river allows you to get a look at how closely Cambodian life is tied to this major waterway. You can take a boat all the way down one end to the other or just cruise around on a day trip.

Sihanoukville – White sand beaches, nearby deserted islands, great diving, amazing seafood, and a heavy nightlife filled with cheap booze make this spot a favorite among travelers. This was once a very seedy town, but has become a mecca for backpackers. It’s not a quiet place to hang out, but it’s good place to drink or use as a base to visit the nearby islands, which are quiet and serene.

Phnom Penh – As the capital of Cambodia, this place has a wild west atmosphere with dusty streets and a “devil may care” atmosphere. There are few good attractions to see and an up-and-coming foodie vibe to the city. Since the destruction of the lake, most of the action has moved towards the river.

Bamboo Island – Off the coast of Sihanoukville, Bamboo Island is a great place to unwind, an island that takes just 10 minutes to cross. Here, the local culture is the highlight – get to know the locals, and try your hand at Khmer, the traditional Cambodian dance.

Kep – This beautiful beach town is the quiet version of Sihanoukville, a nice place to relax near the ocean without the party atmosphere that is Sihanoukville. This city is famous for it’s pepper crab and empty beaches. There’s not a lot to do here, so it also makes for a good day trip if you don’t like the idea of chilling out for a few days.

Bokor National Park – Wander among the atmospheric French ruins while hiking a great rainforest. Bokor was a big destination for the French aristocracy back in the day, and you can see the ruins of their homes. It is a day trip from Sihanoukville or nearby Kampot.

Battambang – Known as a farming area and famous for its fading French colonial architecture, this is the place to get a real taste of Cambodian life. There are great temples, a bamboo train, and stunning architecture from long past here. This destination sees few tourists except for those who like to get off the beaten path and off the Siem Reap-Phnom Phen trail. It’s Cambodia without the tourism.

Prasat Preah Vihear – This breathtaking mountain temple is source of conflict with its neighbor Thailand, who also claims this place as its own. The trip here is not easy but nothing worth going to is ever is. Expect a 20,000 KHR entrance fee for foreigners.

Check out tarantula treats – Can’t go to Cambodia without indulging in this delicacy. Visit Siem Reap where you’ll find these critters are a favorite snack fried with butter and garlic.

Visit a river village – There are 3 floating villages to choose from in the country. The houses are built on bamboo stilts, an

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Things to do in Cambodia

Be one of three nations in Indochina penisula, Cambodia owns a hidden beauty. Travelling to here, surely that many tourists will ask themselves that is there any things to do in Cambodia, in each region of Cambodia. But don’t worry, things to do and see in bwill be recommened to you in the next words.

Commonly, travelers may skip Phnom Penh, the Cambodian capital and go ahead to Siem Reap. However, that would be regret if you pass Phnom Penh and do not spend few days at here. Stopping at Phnom Penh, a lot of stuff to do and see that also depends on your preferences. Here are some offers for your holidays to Cambodia, specifically Phnom Penh. First thing you can try is taking a city tour to discover the place was once called Paris of the East. Having a look around some attractions like Tuol Sleng Genocide museum where stands as an evidence under the Khmer Rouge or National Museum with sophisticated Khmer handicraft. The combination between white and gold of Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda will attract you at the first sight. You can choose to visit these attractions on foot or by tuk tuk, a special mean of transportation in Phnom Penh. Another idea for you is taking a cruise along Mekong river from Sisowath Quay to view Royal Palace and National Museum from water instead of visiting in land. Downstream to Kampot, a riverside town where you can taste many delicious foods, especially seafoods like fried crab with spicy peppercorn sauce, it’s enough to make you like it rightaway. Central Market is the place which famous for bargaining and you can buy some very interested souvenirs and handicraft things. From Phnom Penh, you can take a tour to the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek, a relic of four-year terrorism in Cambodia. A painful past will appear in front of you and make you feel deeply sad when visiting here.

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Leaving Phnom Penh by boat or car to Siem Reap, the land of UNESCO world heritage – temples of Angkor which is considered as heaven on earth, you will feel restful in your soul. The complexity of ancient statues, temples in Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom will glamor you in each step. Strolling and watching the ancient objects actually is an unforgetable memory. Besides Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, you can choose different activities near Angkor in order to reduce pressure towards the temples and help other regions develop gradually. Visiting Tonle Sap lake, immerging yourself in nature, discovering the life of native people are worthy experiences that you can try. Other activities include birdwatching at Prek Toal, butterfly watching at Banteay Srey Butterfly centre or participating in some classes like cooking, yoga and massage. If you want to fulfill your Cambodia trip,

Let’s spend your holidays to Cambodia now and discover more by yourself.

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