21 Tourist attractions in Mekong Delta (P2)

11) Buu Son Pagoda in Soc Trang (another name is Clay Pagoda): The structure of this pagoda is not different from the temple in Vietnam but this pagoda has special feature the candle weighs 200kg and has been burning for 70 years. Also, the Buddha statue in the temple is made of clay.
12) Thị Tường Lagoon, Ca Mau is one of the largest natural lagoon in the Mekong Delta, known as the “Lake of the Midlands”. The mound is located between Phu Tan and Tran Van Thoi districts of Ca Mau province. This place is described as a water-loving and poetic painting, especially in the morning and evening.
13) Đá Bạc Islet is a group of 02 islands in Tran Van Thoi district (Ca Mau province). It has many green trees and has a footprint of giant feet. There is also a statue of soldiers defending the fatherland of Vietnam.

Da-bac-islet-in-ca-mau-an-attraction-mekong Da bac islet in Ca Mau an attraction in Mekong Delta

14) U Minh Thuong is a valuable nature reserve, now being upgraded to a National Forest. The ecology in here is extremely rich and diverse as a miracle of nature given to this place.

u-minh-thuong-natural-reserver U Minh Thuong nature reserve – an attraction in Mekong Delta

15) Chông Islet is a limestone complex in Kien Luong district, Kien Giang province. This island is exotic, serene and poetic with a lot of hills and caves, peaceful beaches and quiet temples.
16) Bà Lụa island is also known as Binh Tri archipelago in the Kien Luong – Kien Giang region. The scenery in this place is amazing and always stirring up whoever visits here.
17) Mạc Cửu Tomb in Ha Tien: Mac Cuu Tomb is considered as a work which has the most beautiful geomancy in Vietnam. We can visit the resting place of the Mac family – the family that explored the land of Ha Tien.

Mac-Cuu-tomb-in-Ha-Tien Mac Cuu Tomb in Ha Tien

18) Thạch Động tourist area, named as one of 10 beautiful sceneries of Ha Tien, with a majestic mountain and extremely beautiful caves.
19) Cam Mountain is about 90km from Ha Tien, the mountain is known as “Da Lat of the West”. Besides the fresh and cool atmosphere, Cam mountain is also famous for its many beautiful landscapes such as Bo Hong hill, Thien Tue hill, Thanh Long stream and some famous architectural works such as Van Linh Pagoda, Maitreya Buddha statue, Lam Vien resort.
20) Hung Vuong Square in Bac Lieu City is considered as the most beautiful square in the Mekong Delta. The area is about 4 hectares and the works are built and arranged into a very harmonious, deeply aesthetic and also very unique display. Typical of these buildings include the Cao Van Lau Theater, the Culture, and Art Exhibition Center.

nha-hat-cao-van-lau The Cao Van Lau Theater at Hung Vuong Square in Bac Lieu

21) The villa of Bac Lieu mandarin’s son has now become one of the most visited hotels in Bac Lieu city. This place is also a playground associated with the name of Bac Lieu son – the most famous person in the South in the 20th century. The building was built in 1919 by a French engineer. The architecture of the house is very grandiose and splendid, in a white color. The interior is also made of precious materials. Nowadays the main parts of this villa are preserved intact for visitors to look around.


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