Ngu Hoa Coconut alcohol

Discover: Top 10 famous dishes of Vinh Phuc!

Being like “Northern Dalat”, Vinh Phuc not only attracts tourists with many tourist attractions, but also famous for its specialty food. Discover 10 famous dishes of Vinh Phuc right here!

Discover Top 10 famous dishes of Vinh Phuc right here!

Lamprey Lap Thach

Sour Fish – Lập Thạch

Raw material for making fish is very simple, but the process is very sophisticated. First, the fish is cleaned, cut out the head, then drained. Cook will place fish in jars, one layer of fish, one layer of salt. About 10kg fish, people use1.5kg salt. The top layer of salt is covered with bamboo. Need 4 – 7 days for the fish to be well done, remove fish from salt, then squeeze the fish out of the water and let the sun dries fish again.

Next, use the special flour which is made from roasted corn and soybean, cover the fish inside out. Place the fish back in the jar. After about 2 weeks, the process will be done, the fish meat will have a pink color. It can be made into many dishes, but the best is to bake on the charcoal.

Tam Duong Pineapple

Tam Duong pineapple

Tam Duong district is pineapple area in Vinh Phuc province. The pineapples here are juicy and sweet.

Coming to Tam Duong, visitors can eat full belly in two ways. One is to remove all eyes of pineapple and eat. The second is beat off pineapple on a tree or wooden cutting board, then use a sharp knife to cut a hole and drink directly.

Besides, visitors coming in the ripening season will have a chance to see a vast pineapple field, each pineapple tree as a giant green flower with stamen is yellow pineapple.

Vinh Tuong Gio Cakes

Vinh Tuong Gio Cakes

Vinh Tuong Gio Cake can seduce people with the sweetness of molasses, the light scent of ginger blended with the white cake inside, and the fragrance of sesame.

How to make Gio cakes are quite simple. Delicious sticky rice is cleaned, soaked overnight, then smoothed and drained. The cake is shaped by grasping the dough into the pyramid shaped. Molasses is mixed with filtered water, then boiled and dropped into each cake. Take the cake which is covered in molasses, then sprinkle a little sesame, guests can have a delicious snack for the afternoon.

Banh Nang Lap Thach

Light cake

Sticky rice for making cakes is soaked overnight in special water. This special water is the ash of fresh oak branches, fresh grapefruit branches (also leaves), sesame leaves,… Then, cook drains the rice, wraps them in banana leaves, then boil and wash. Boil the cake for 5 to 6 hours.

People call it light cake because after done, the cake has bright yellow color.

Shrimp in Vac dam

Shrimp in Vac dam

Vac is a lake located in the center of Vinh Yen city. This is the place to provide large quantities of food to Vinh Phuc province, most delicious is Shrimp.

Shrimp harvested season in August to October, having a lot of egg inside. Shrimp in Vac dam is soft, smell good. People always fry it until crispy or stir it with pineapple.

Lap Thach Sweet Gruel

Sweet Gruel is cooked from green beans mix with white sugar then kneaded well. Alternatively, green bean paste can be added to boiled sugar water and slowly cooked for sugar and beans to blend in.

Sweet Gruel is bright yellow color and smooth, covered sesame on top. People enjoy sweet gruel with lotus tea.

Ngu Hoa Coconut alcohol

Ngu Hoa Coconut alcohol (Yen Lac)

Coconut alcohol is processed by bumping into coconut a certain proportion of yam and yeast, then sealed and brewed until well done.

The characteristic of Ngoc Hoa coconut alcohol is that it smells of coconut aroma, it is sweet, and does not cause a headache after drinking.

Bánh Ngõa Ngọc Hoa village

Sticky rice is cleaned, drained and ground into fine powder. Green peas are broken into two pieces, then soaked in water to peel the peels, remove the shell and let dry. Take a piece of green bean to cook with honey, the rest of bean put on fire until the beans are chestnut yellow, then cooled to a fine powdered flour.

Mix the water with rice flour and knead into small pieces. Boil water and cook the cake. When the cake emerges, it is ripe. Grab the cake lightly and wait for the water to drain and place in the tray sprinkled with bean powder. Turn both sides of the cake to take as much bean powder.

Gio cake in Tay Dinh

The cake is made quite simply. Wash sticky rice until the water is clear, drain and soak in lime water for about 2 hours. Take out, continue to drain and then soaked in water (the water is mix with 3 type of coal from tree trunk, branch and leave) overnight, then picked out.

Scoop rice to the middle of the chip leaves which are boiled in water, then wrapped, rolled around the tips of the leaves to seal, then use soft tied. Each cake is about 15cm, which is cooked for about 3 hours.

Su Su vegetable in Tam Dao

Su Su vegetable in Tam Dao

It is not too late to say that Su Su has become the most famous vegetable of Vinh Phuc in general and of Tam Dao in particular. This vegetable is famous, attractive by the fresh, clean, delicious flavor.

If the past it was planted only to eat fruit. Anywhere in the Tam Dao mountain visitors can see the green color of the vegetable.

Due to the ideal climate, Tam Dao vegetable does not need pesticides, so they are very popular with customers. Vegetables can be boiled or stirred with garlic.


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