Floating Markets – The Uniqueness of Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta area is the largest rice growing region in Vietnam which always covered with green rice paddies, orchads coconuts, mangos, pineapples, bananas and oranges. It is also the only region in Vietnam where riverboats and sampans are the main means of transportation due to low-lying, soft soil condition and dense system of rivers and canals. Also because of dense rivers and canals system, the uniqueness of Mekong Delta – floating markets are created to supply the demands of trading of local people. Gradually, it becomes attractive places for tourists when they travel to Mekong Delta area.

Floating Markets – The Uniqueness of Mekong Delta

Floating Markets – The Uniqueness of Mekong Delta

The Cai Rang floating market, the most facsinating and largest wholesale floating market in the Mekong Delta, starts around 5:00 am and runs until mid-day, however, it could be more interesting if you visit it before 9:00 am. Some historians say that it has been operating since early 1900s during the Nguyen dynasty. It means that this market has become a must in the life of local people for a long time. If you don’t want to discover this market by yourself, don’t worry because a day tour to Cai Rang floating market is the most popular Mekong tour from Ho Chi Minh city. Talking about the distance of 6km from Can Tho or about 30-minute boat ride, you will have a glimpse about life along shores. You’ll see vibrantly painted boats anchored along the shore, merchant vessels carrying loads down the river or houses built on stilts over waterface. Once you reach the market, it’s an impressive site. A strech of boats selling all variety of goods lines the river. It’s not only the place of selling souvernirs, but also people come here to buy large quantities of goods, mostly foodstuffs. You’ll learn that boats identify what they are selling by hanging a sample off the top of a long pole, if you want mango, simply scan for a hanging mango. And if you want, you’ll have an opportunity to interact with some of floating merchants to get more understands about their work.

Cai Rang floating market

Not far away from Ho Chi Minh city, approximately 2 hours by car, Cai Be floating market is an ideal place for those have limited time travel in Mekong Delta. Cai Be is a charming small town with lots of colorful fruits and vegetable gardens, traditional crafts, a French church from 1935 and an impressive traditional house which can be visited. Cai Be, one of well-known floating markets in western region of southern Vietnam, lies in Tien river, adjacent to three province Tien Giang, Vinh Long and Ben Tre. This market is always busy from 3:00 am in buying and selling goods. Rafts and boats that full of fruits, vegetables and other products are anchored along two sides of river for kilometres. As same as in Cai Rang floating market, the merchandise sold in each boat is hung on a pole in front of the boat to attract customers. From floating markets, goods are shifted for selling at inland markets or small boats take them for delivery along canals in the Plain of Reeds.

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This market is always busy from 3:00 am in buying and selling goods

Floating markets in Mekong Delta is an unique cultural characteristic, creating such a beautiful river painting. Apart from Cai Rang, Cai Be, you also can visit Phung Hiep floating market in Hau Giang province or Nga Nam in Soc Trang province. It can be denied that visiting floating markets is among can-not-miss experience in Southern Vietnam which will leave you the most impressive, meaningful and memorable moments in Mekong Delta travelling.

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