Tips for a Better Mekong Delta Trip

Note some of the most important and necessary items for you during your Mekong Delta exploration trip:

* Accommodation:
The price here is quite cheap. According to experience, if you ask 08 motels you will find 02 motels are fine so do not hesitate to go around and ask for better price. Be sure to check out the rooms, restrooms, and basic facilities.

Guests enjoy local food in a homestay

The personality in South West (Mekong Delta) is always sincere and hospitable so you can ask for accommodation in the house, on the boat or in the islets. In the evening, drinking wine with friendly locals who living in the vast river and listening to their life story and business, it will be a precious experience.

Necessary items for the trip:
– Drinking water, dry food, sanitation and preventive medicine.

– You should carry umbrellas, sunscreens, mosquito repellants and some basic medicines.

– If you want to get away from the main roads and experience the feeling of the wild nature, remember to bring a tent (to stay overnight) and you follow the crowds for safety.

On the way to explore Mekong Delta

* Roads, traffic:
1. The roads are quite similar: flat with no steep slope, small, narrow and it is often along the deep canals and rivers. If you ask for directions, you should ask several people repeatedly because some people might not know. Locals may give you directions the wrong way because they don’t know and this means they might ‘lose face’ culturally.
There are hundreds of kilometers of the road but only in a straight line and with few car repair areas so you have to equip yourself with puncture repair patches and always be cautious by preparing a liter reserve of gas. The road is quite deserted and sometimes there is a bad road so the car should have good headlights in order to avoid accidental fall into the river at night.
2. One thing to keep in mind is that when you see a rudimentary vehicle by anyone driving on the road, pay special attention to it and slow down as much as possible as it can divert at any time and there is no warning. When driving for long distances, take turns with other people to drive. Driving for a long time on dark roads can cause tiredness, so rest often and be careful.

3. If you continue to go into the village, there will be bridges without a railing, regardless of how narrow it is. Don’t hurry over bridges as they may swing and drop down towards the river.

Mekong Delta with a lot of the deep canals and rivers

4. When riding a two wheels vehicle through small ferries (ferry does not carry cars) will be crowded scene. If you have to go, you should not loss of calm. People in the Mekong Delta have been communicating their experiences that when falling into the river, firstly it is vital to stay afloat and keep calm. Then tread water (don’t fight, just swim lightly to save energy) and make your way to a safe point in the water.

Necessary items on road:
1. Mekong Delta map, compass, if possible carry a GPS.
2. Tools for repairing vehicles and equipment to prevent vehicle damage along the road if traveling by motorbike. Moreover, you should carry 1 liter of gasoline because of the gas stations here are very rare and close very early.

3. Bring shoes, gloves, masks, big glasses to cover the eyes which can look at night because of many dark spots and mosquitoes flying in.
4. Flashlights, you need to bring this light because most of the roads in the South West have no street lights and there are many canals without fences.



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