Top 05 awesome things to do in Mekong Delta

These are some experiences that you should not miss when traveling to Mekong Delta:

1. Sitting on the boat to explore the Mekong River: visitors will be sitting on the boat and go around Mekong Delta to explore the local life and how they make the coconut candy, crispy rice cakes. Moreover, tourists can talk with the friendly vendors about life in the Mekong Delta. The gentle wind blow from the sundeck boats that will bring to you an unforgettable feeling.

Sitting on the boat to explore the Mekong River

2. Exploring floating markets: As a river and water area, all activities take place on the river, including the sale of goods. Floating market is born from that. To experience the full atmosphere of the floating market, you should get up from 4-5am. This place sells all kinds of goods, bustling crowded without any kind of pulling. Arriving in the Mekong Delta, it is unfortunate to miss shopping at the floating market.

3. Conquering the Monkey Bridge: This is the seventh bridge in the top 10 of most feared bridges in the world according to Travel & Leisure magazine. Monkey Bridge is the one of the most interesting experience which you should try when traveling to Mekong Delta. Visitors walk across the bridge must be brave enough to step confidently and exactly through a simple wooden pair which is not wide enough (about 2 foots). Before walking across the bridge you are assured that the bridge is only through the shallow and not flowing water, the bridge is not too high compared to the water. Be assured that someone guides and protect visitors.

Conquering the Monkey bridge is an awesome thing to experience in Mekong Delta

4. Listening to folk songs of the South West: This is a typical folk art in South West of Vietnam. It combined with playing a musical instrument and singing. Traveling in the South West you do not miss to enjoy this folk art. Let’s look for a glass of honey aromatic tea while listening sweety song.

Tourist listen to folk songs – a typical folk art in South West Vietnam

5. Enjoy fresh fruits and muddying ditch then catch fish in the lush gardens: Foreign tourists always enjoy the rural areas with fruit fields. Visiting the garden you will enjoy many fresh fruits which are picked on the tree. Tourists also will be very excited to be working as farmers here. Dress up your pants and slap water in a small pond to look for fish that are hiding in the thick mud. After that, tourists will make many delicious dishes from their catching fishes.

Enjoy fresh fruits in Mekong Delta Vietnam


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