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Top 10 famous dishes not to be missed when traveling to Thua Thien Hue

Hue not only attracts a large number of destinations to visit with many historical sites but also famous for its high royal cuisine. Let’s take a look at the 10 famous dishes of Hue which are difficult to resist.

Top 10 famous dishes not to be missed when traveling to Thua Thien Hue

Mussel Rice Hue

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Mussel rice

Mussel rice is a dish that hardly anyone who comes to Hue can resist it. The dish is simple but hidden inside is the sophisticated cuisine which makes the food attractive to visitors.

With many kinds of ingredients, the bowl of mussel has the beautiful aroma of vegetable, sweet taste of the mussels and the taste of the fish sauce. Moreover, the mussel rice is spicy, but people love that flavor.

Beef noodle of Hue

Hue beef noodle soup

Hue beef noodles are one of the 12 dishes of Vietnam has been established in Asia record in 2012. Enjoy the famous specialty beef noodles in Hue, visitors not only feel the taste of the ancient capital of Vietnam, but also enjoy the cultural behavior of the hospitality of the people here. Today, Hue beef noodle has many versions, but it still keeps the typical, unique flavor.

Mussel noodles

Mussel noodles

Mussel noodle is a version of mussel rice. This dish has belonged to the lower class who lives nearby Hương river. A full bowl of mussel noodles including noodles, fried mussels, chili sauce, fresh peppers, herbs, sliced banana and deep fried pork fat. Besides, there is a bowl of water and a spice tray for guests to taste themselves.

Nam Phổ Noodle

Nam Phổ noodle

Not famous as Huế noodles or mussel rice, but the Nam Pho crab soup still attracts many visitors come to here to enjoy whenever they have an opportunity. The dish is a red color of cashew nuts with water, hides inside the crab meat and shrimp, with a few slices of chopped chili and a cilantro.

Nem Lui Hue

Hue Nem Lụi

Nem Lui Hue is made in the same way as spring rolls with pork and spices, but instead of being wrapped, Hue people shape it into long round pieces and grilled on a charcoal stove. Nem Hue has the same way to enjoy as many Vietnam dishes. People eat it with rice paper and vegetables such as lettuce, cilantro, parsley, banana,… and a bowl of Vietnamese typical dipping sauce

Beo Cake

Bèo cake

Bèo cakes are made from rice flour which is held in a tiny cups, served with sweet fish sauce, simple but hidden inside is a unique flavor. This dish is attractive with the white color of the dough, the yellow color of the shrimp with a cup of sweet fish sauce. To eat Hue cakes, dinners must take it slowly to feel the deliciousness.

Hue cakes

Come to the ancient city, visitors can not ignore some famous cakes here such as buns, moon cake, the little cake, or rice cake, Bèo cake, Bột Lọc cake … Each dish brought back a different taste for tourists, but they are all delicious.

Hue Sweet Gruel

Hue sweet gruel

After eating many delicious salty dishes, visitors should try other sweet dishes of Hue. Hue people have dozens of types of sweet gruel with all the delicious flavors such as taro, corn, sticky rice, green bean, red bean,…

Chung Cake

Nhat Le – Chung cakes

Nhat Le – Chung cakes originate from Nhat Le street, where dozens of bakeries are concentrated. The combination of meat (fat and lean) with glutinous rice and spices such as pepper and onions, beautiful aromatic of green bean create a delightful dish which can be eaten in any time of year.

Tré Hue

Tré Hue

Tré is a special dish of Hue by the sophisticated in the process. It has been developed through many years to become a specialty food of ancient capital.

It is not the same as Nem and pork pie, all ingredients in Tré have to be cooked. It is necessary to have beef steamed in spicy fish sauce with the sweet taste of sugar. Pork is divided into 2 parts, one is fried until golden, one is boiled and cut into thin slice. Then cook put all ingredients together in the bamboo trunk.

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Hue people seem to be very friendly, but this friendliness is a combination of two distinguished characteristics: loving to talk and being very “shy”! Hue people never want to resist their temptation to share with others their ups and downs as well as express their position about any affairs taking place around them. This can be seen much more clearly if you make time to drop by the countryside where the neighbors, in the morning, gather together to sip tea and talk about every issue varying from their family to the news they have recently heard. Hue people, however, sometimes look very secret and sometimes very ashamed. An instance illustrating this point in action is Hue girls who, unlike people coming from the other parts of Vietnam, are very shy when meeting strangers and never want to say everything in a straightforward and direct way! Hue people are naturally shy but this does not mean that shyness stops them from being dynamic and sociable. I myself am a case in point. I am normally very ashamed but extremely energetic when studying English and especially when interacting with the foreigners. This makes it clear that Hue people can change their original personality when being put in an environment where they are necessarily forced to do so.

The last but definitely not the least thing that foreign tourists should keep in mind is that Hue people consider their family above anything else. To be sure, on Tet holiday, no matter how busy they are, Hue people try to come back home in order to enjoy the cosy atmosphere in such a special event. To them, Lunar New Year is the most precious chance for them to gather with family and compensate for the long time they are far away from home requesting for life. Another good example is that these days, in a large number of parts in Vietnam, it has become a norm for young couples to live independently from their parents by moving to a new house to lead their married life, it has still been traditional for three or four generations in a typical Hue family to live together. These, accordingly, speak volumes for the fact that Hue people treasure highly the role of their family.

One of the most prominent benefits of travelling is that the tourists can enrich their knowledge and experience during the journey. Therefore, it is highly hoped that the tourists should, in addition to taking close notice of the tourism sites, spend more time getting to know about the human beauty in order to qualify their understanding of where they are visiting. If they can do so, their journey will be absolutely complete and much more fascinating.

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