Top 10 famous dishes not to be missed when traveling Tien Giang

Tien Giang is a province of the Mekong. Coming to Tien Giang, tourists will not only be able to visit the tourist attractions but also enjoy many local specialties food. Come to 10 famous dishes of Tien Giang that visitors should not miss when coming here!

My Tho noodle soup

My Tho noodle soup

My Tho noodles in Tien Tho is a famous dish of Tien Giang, the noodles are soft and sweet, soup is dense, clear and full of flavor.

Noodles are put into boiling water for a few second, then added to the bowl, chives, lettuce, mushrooms, lettuce, or seafood on top and pour soup. When eating, people will sprinkle extra salt and pepper.

Tan Phong Snail

Tan Phong snail

Tan Phong snails are very famous, the snails are small. In the breeding season, snail meat is very fleshy, sweet and chewy crispy. Tan Phong snail can be cooked in a variety of delicious dishes such as boiled snails, stirred with lemon sauce, ginger, garlic, and coconut.

Vá Cake

Vá Cake

The cake in the southern language is called Vá cake. This is a famous dish in Giong market. Cake made from rice flour, pig liver, sprouts, green onion, and shrimp. Cook deep fries the cake in hot oil, wait for the cake to stick together, then slowly pull out, the cake turns yellow is okay. This dish is served with chili sauce.

Bèo cakes

Hang Bong pudding at Hang Bong Market is a famous dish of My Tho. There are two types of cake to choose: Salty and sweet. Fresh sweet cakes are greasy by fresh coconut milk. The host often serves the cake with chili sauce and some melon to invite guests.

Coconut covers Banana

This dish is made from the old green banana and the small string of coconut. When eaten, sprinkle with ground roasted peanuts. People eat it with vegetables and sweet and sour sauce. When eating, people can taste the sweetness of banana and sugar, aroma of coconut.

Chả Grill – Gạo Market

This dish is made from shoulder meat that has just boiled, minced or sliced and marinated with onion and garlic. When the meat is cooked, mix well with duck eggs, pepper, and fish sauce to fit the mouth. This mixture is put into a cast iron with a layer of banana leaves underneath, then cooked on the stove until the sauce is dry and sticky. This dish is served with rice paper rolls with herbs, lettuce, and sweet and sour sauce.

Horseshoe crab - Go Cong

Horseshoe crab – Go Cong, Tien Giang

Go Cong is a place where there are many shrimps and fish but the best one is still Sam (Vietnam), around October to February is the Sam season, with many eggs which are fat and very delicious. Horseshoe crab, after being cleaned, baked on a charcoal stove, roasted until the shells change color. Besides, people here also use Sam to cook sour soup with mint, vegetable or dragon beans. Sam egg omelet is also very delicious and strange mouth.

My Tho noodles

It is similar to noodle dish because of the raw material. Noodles soup must be cooked with tamarind to make sour, sweet, typical flavor, eat with shrimp, pork, and onion.

Sweet and Sour Noodles are often served with Banana, Mango, and Chives. The sauce must be added pure fish sauce, to create the delicious flavor.

Milk Fruit

Milk fruit – Lò Rèn

Lo Ren milk fruit is a famous specialty fruit of Tien Giang. Milk fruit here is round, with thin peel, small seeds, thick and soft meat, sweet taste, pleasant smell.

Tien Giang shrimp sauce

Tien Giang shrimp sauce

Go Cong shrimp sauce is a specialty food which was a royal dish in the first half of the 19th century.

Shrimp paste is usually served with rice noodles and boiled meat. The noodles must be small noodles, pork meat must be armpit meat, soft skin and thin fat, boiled to medium, thin slices to eat, with banana, pickles, cucumbers, and vegetables of all kinds.


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