Top 10 tourist destinations of Dong Thap

Top 10 tourist destinations of Dong Thap

Dong Thap is a suitable place for eco-tourism with lotus fields. Especially, there is a giant lotus bred that adults can stand on its leaf which is very unique attraction to tourists. Discover the 10 famous tourist attractions of Dong Thap are featured below!

Top 10 tourist destinations of Dong Thap – Mekong Delta Area

Top 10 tourist destinations of Dong Thap

Sa Dec flower village

Speaking of flowers and plants, people will immediately think of Sa Dec village. Over the past hundred years, Sa Dec has been known throughout the country for its ornamental plants and ornamental flowers.

If visitors have a chance to come to Dong Thap, they should pass by Sa Dec flower village – one of the flower centers of the southern area which is located in Tan Quy Dong. In this peaceful village, visitors will feel like a world full of colors and magic scent.

Thap Muoi Lotus Field

Thap Muoi lotus field

Thap Muoi lotus field is a popular tourist destination of Dong Thap, located in My Hoa commune, Thap Muoi district. The attraction of this resort is that when you come here, you will enjoy the full of pure, peaceful atmosphere brought by the incense and color of the vast lotus fields.

Dong Sen Thap Muoi Ecological Park is arranged in a simple way, intact with its inherent nature. Standing in the middle of lotus land, guests can enjoy the low pace of life, separated from the modern world busy, crowded out there.

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Huynh Thuy Le ancient house

Huynh Thuy Le ancient house is located at 255A, Nguyen Hue Street, Ward 2 of Sa Dec. In addition to the combination of East-West architecture, the old house is also famous for its borderless relationship between a French girl (Marguerite Duras) and Vietnamese guy (Huynh Thuy Le, the hostess) who was rich in the early 20th century. This ancient house was built by Huynh Cam Thuan – father of Huynh Thuy Le, a well-known Chinese businessman of the time in Sa Dec.

Kien An Pagoda

Kien An Pagoda is also called Quach Pagoda, which is located in the heart of Sa Dec city, opposite Cai Son canal. The temple was built in the years 1924-1927 by the Chinese from Fujian.

The pagoda is built in Chinese architecture, with the shape of Cong (工) consisted of three compartments: Dong lang, Tay Lang, and the main palace. The tile roof consists of 3 layers, the top and bottom surface are tile, the middle is brick. Tile roofs are waved, mimics the ripples of dragons, creates a roof in the “five elements”. Each wave head is a small palace.


Phuoc Kien Temple

Phuoc Kien is a small pagoda in Hoa Tan commune, Chau Thanh district. This place has a strange lotus plant that people can stand on the leaf without sinking. In front of the pagoda are a small pond and a large pond on the hind side with strange lotus bred with giant leaves, curving rim. If tourists don’t see it with their own eyes, they will think that there are steel frames under the leaf, so that 50kg people can stand on it without sinking.

Phó Bảng shrine

Nguyen Sinh Sac shrine is located at 123/1 Pham Huu Lau, Ward 4 of Cao Lanh City. This is the work to record the gift of Deputy Nguyen Sinh Sac, a patriot, and father of President Ho Chi Minh. The site has an area of 3.6 hectares and is divided into three main areas: the tomb of Deputy Nguyen Sinh Sac, Uncle Ho’s stilt house and lotus pond.


Xeo Quyt

Historical site: Xeo Quyt

Xeo Quyt has belonged to My Hiep and My Long communes of Cao Lanh district, where was the revolutionary base of Dong Thap People’s Committee who led the resistance war against the US from 1960 to 1975. Xeo Quyt site is diverse of plants and animal with many rare species.

Visiting the Melaleuca forest of Xeo Quyt in the high water season, tourists will have the opportunity to go to the jungle by rowing boats to see the beauty of the place. The unique and unusual feature here is that on the Melaleuca tree there is a thick, dense creeper that adds more cover to the root. A hum of the birds, the sound of the fish, and the delight of the tourists will break the silence here.

Gao Giong Ecotourism Area

Gao Giong Ecotourism Resort is located in hamlet 6, Gao Giong commune, Cao Lanh district. This eco-tourism resort was formed on the basis of Gieng Giong forest. At this place, visitors can go to the observation tower which is18 meters high to admire the vast green of Melaleuca, rice field or herds.


Tram Chim National Park

Tram Chim National Park

Huge melaleuca forests, green meadows in the midst of the vast river with many birds standing, flying on the lake or the haughty beauty of the red Crane are unforgettable impression in the hearts of travelers when coming to Melaleuca National Park – the most attractive tourist destination in Dong Thap

Go Thap

Go Thap site

Go Thap is a special national monument, covering an area of 320ha with two parts, one belonged to My Hoa Commune and one belonged to Tan Kieu Commune, Thap Muoi District.

This site has 5 small parts: Thap Muoi mound, Hoang Co temple, Thap Muoi pagoda, the tomb of Nguyen Tuan Kieu, and Minh Su mound. Go Thap Site is believed that it used to be an ancient culture of Vietnam.

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