Sweet potato salad

Top 10 Vinh Long famous dishes

Vinh Long is the land of fruit and some serious delicious specialty foods. Discover 10 famous dishes of Vinh Long right here!


Grapefruit, the specialty fruit of Vinh Long has the most nutritional quality. It’s big, sweet and sour, has a lot of meat. South people always eat grapefruit with a special type of salt mix with dried shrimp.

Thanh Tra Vinh Long

Thanh Tra Vinh Long

Thanh Tra

Thanh Tra is a delicious fruit which is quite strange but as famous as Vinh Long grapefruit. There are two types of Thanh Tra: sweet and sour. Woman love to eat this fruit with salt and dried chilly. Meanwhile, Tranh Tra marinated with sugar is also a good drink in hot reason.



Come to the eco-tourism garden in Vinh Long, visitors do not miss the opportunity to enjoy cicada. According to Oriental medicine, the cicada is used to treat fever, seizures, children with cramp limb pain, cough,… Recently, cicadas are processed into many dishes which are delicious and popular in Vinh Long.

From cicada, the cook can make the variety of dishes, such as: fried, stirred with onions, chives, cooked porridge and fried until crispy.


Luc Si Rice paper

Luc Si Rice paper

There are many different types of rice paper such as rice paper rolls, dipped rice paper, sweet rice paper rolls, and baked rice paper. The cake is made entirely by hand with 100% rice flour and does not use chemicals. The cake has a characteristic flavor when eaten guests will feel the softness, salty taste. Rice paper wrapped with shrimp, meat, vegetables, rice noodles, and sauce or soy sauce will be very attractive.

Fire fish

Hau River fire fish is a specialty fish of a small area in Tich Thien commune, where they meet in between water and brackish water. The fish is very delicious and has a rare, fatty egg that is processed into many delicious dishes.

Sweet-smelling fish porridge served with shredded vegetables, bitter vegetables, lettuce and some fresh ginger. Simplicity is steamed fire fish with dark sauce, this dish is served with hot rice. Every dish is attractive, also delicious and strange mouth.

Ut fish soup

Best Ut fish is when cooked with spinach grows at the field. This kind of vegetables is self-generated, no need for extra nutrition. Fish meat is fatty, soft, eat with salt, pepper is very delicious.

Tai Tuong fish

Tai Tượng fish

Whole Tai Tượng fish fried is the most famous dish of Vinh Long. This dish is served with rice paper, fresh rice noodles, raw vegetables and sweet and sour sauce. Crispy outside, soft inside, the fish is ideal to roll. The delicious meat of fish combined with vegetables of all kinds, fresh noodles and lime juice with chili peppers is a perfect dish.

Sweet potato Binh Tan

The Binh Tan area of Vinh Long province is the largest sweet potato area in the Mekong Delta, 70% of the field is Japanese sweet potato. Binh Tan sweet potato has exported to many markets such as China, Japan, Korea, Australia,…

Binh Minh Lettuce

Lettuce is known for its spicy, sweet, true quality, which is distinct from other places. Binh Minh lettuce is produced in the direction of safety and has registered to protect the label to ensure food safety.

Sweet potato salad

Images by Thichdi.com

Sweet potato salad

Normally, people eat only boiled sweet potatoes alone, but the Southern always eat it with wonderful fish sauce. First boiled the sweet potato, sliced into small pieces, prepare dried coconut, a little sesame, peanuts, raw vegetables, and herbs, we have a nice, delicious dinner.


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