Top 50 famous Vietnamese dishes P2

Discover about 50 famous dishes of Vietnam P2

Quang Noodle

Quang noodle (Quang Nam)

It is similar to Cao Lau and is often mistaken for Cao Lau, but if you only taste it once, you will notice that these two dishes are completely different. Quang noodle is often eaten with shrimp, meat, quail eggs … all are soaked in spices.

There is will be the shortage of this dish missing the crispy pancakes and raw vegetables.

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Barely grilled cow

Barely grilled cow

To successfully do this dish, the cook must learn how to adjust the fire at the right time. Many kinds of vegetables are used to wrap with grilled cow (perilla, cilantro, lettuce, pickles, thin banana, basil, cinnamon,…)

When come to restaurant, guests can order any part of cow, such as tenderloin, ribs, …

Goby fish in Tra River (Quang Ngai)

Goby fish is a lot in Tra River. This kind of fish is small, light yellow, finger-sized. Goby is cleaned, marinated with fish sauce, pepper, sugar… for ten minutes. Then add the salt to taste.

Don (Quang Ngai)

Don (Quang Ngai)

Don is one of the very unique, cool, nutritious, cheap and attractive dishes. Don belongs to the clam family, but smaller than the clam.

Good food made from Don is soup and porridge. To welcome the guests, the host will make stirred don with rice noodle, clear noodle or flat noodle.

Bun Cha Ca Quy Nhon

Bun Chả Quy Nhon

There are 2 types of Bun Cha in Quy Nhon: steamed fish ball and fried fish ball (fried ball is separated into two types: large slices and small ball which is deep in sauce) To make the best fish ball, the cook must use Saurida ume-Yoshii because of its meat very soft and fat.

The Delicious ball doesn’t have the fish smell. It will be a little bit spicy and tasted fresh. The soup is cooked water of bone and fish head. They add some cashew nut to make the soup has the yellow color.


Salanganes’Nest (Khanh Hoa)

Salanganes nests have high nutrition, give strengthen, good sleep, stop bleeding, cure cough, hemorrhage, and dysentery. Bird’s Nest has round or oval shape, semicircular, gray-white, sometimes pink or red …

How to cook the nest: Soak the nest in water 3-4 hours or hot water 30 minutes to an hour, then remove feathers, rubbish, mountain moss, and other dirty things. The nest can be cooked into many delicious dishes such as: oatmeal, oat soup …

Căn cake (Ninh Thuan)

Ingredients for making căn cake is rice soaked for 6 to 8 hours and then grinded into powder. Cook uses a large stove, on top is small round holes, about 8-16 holes; the body of the stove hold charcoal. He applies oil into each mold, waits to hot then pours flour mixture into it and fries until yellow.

People use a metal stick to remove the cake from the mold. When the top of the cake is spongy and dry, the rim of the cake shrinks and peels off. The cake is ripe and edible.

Hot cakes served with sweet and sour fish sauce, raw vegetables, crispy bread.

Binh Thuan hot pot

Binh Thuan hot pot

The soup of Binh Thuan hot pot is made quite simply, not as sophisticated as raw materials used to eat hot pot. Just let a little tomato and chicken cubes, some seasonings.

Guests can enjoy Binh Thuan hot pot in 2 ways: If you like simplicity, you can choose how to enjoy the hot pot with some vegetables, fish, meat, eggs.

KonPlong Grilled Chicken (Kon Tum)

This is the type of chicken raised in the upland. To make the dish, chicken is cleaned, pecked at the buoys, then cook use the skewers punch it from the anus to the head. Lemongrass and lemon leaves are stuffed into the belly, then sewed. Onion, soy sauce was applied outside the chicken. The chicken is roasted on the charcoal stove.

When eating, tear the chicken into pieces and dip it in chili salts. Grilled chicken is tastier when eating with alcohol.

Dried phở (Gia Lai)

Dried noodles are made from rice flour, not soft and fluffy like normal noodles. Dried noodles are eating with mixed minced meat, top sprinkled with a layer of fried onion, green onion. When eating, the cook will give the customer a bowl of soup with beef, corn, or maybe chicken, sprinkle a little-chopped cilantro, black pepper.

Vegetables served with dried rice noodles are just lettuce, basil, and parsley, add a little bit of brown rice.

Stewed pork with Artiso flower

Stewed pork with Artiso flower

Dishes are not sophisticated, but cook has to be patient. Pig’s legs after seasoned, put into the pot boiled water, keep small fire and regularly pick up the foam to make the soup more clear.

When cooking the pig’s leg, cook skillfully adds dried red onions and herbs to create sweetness and aroma for the dish. After the pig’s leg is well done, they add the Artiso flowers, then boil for 10 minutes more.

Trang Bang noodle (Tay Ninh province)

For a delicious Trang Bang soup, the first requirement is to have delicious noodle which is made from delicious rice, soaked thoroughly through a night so that the rice is soft enough, then grinded, filtered, steamed to make the pastry soft, flexible, white.Broth soup is made from the bones of pigs, the best is the tube bone.

This dish is a perfect blend of sweet flesh of meat, soft of noodle with sour, salty, spicy soup.

Bèo Bì Cake (Binh Duong)

Bèo Bì is made from special red rice, so that is has a special flavor. Rice flour is poured into small cups, steamed, on the face is covered with green beans.

Cook also made a side dish which is from pig’s skin and coconut milk, cut into the small string, mix well with baked and ground rice.

When eating, put the dough on the plate together with pickles, herbs, sprinkle peanuts, the cup of sweet and sour sauce mixed with garlic, chili, lemon.

Khot Cake (Ba Ria – Vung Tau)

Raw materials are rice cake flour, but the preparation must be careful. If cook adds more flour than water, the cake will be dry and not chewy, and more water than the flour is doughy, not crispy. On the white background of dough is the red color of shrimp, green onion, and sometimes, a little purple of shrimp paste.

Sauce for the cake is the sweet fish sauce. People eat this with papaya, pickled carrots soaked with sugar vinegar, salad vegetables: basil, coriander, perilla … make the dishes get more flavors.

Salad roll (Sai Gon)

The salad rolls whether appearing on the street or in the restaurant will not lose its typical flavor: thin rice paper, herbs, raw vegetable, shrimp, meat. This dish requires the skillful person to wrap a beautiful roll.

The salad is delicious because it combines all fresh ingredients, and the sauce is such a decisive factor. It is difficult to count how many types of sauce in Vietnam, but for the best Salad roll, cook usually uses Nêm sauce.

Spring rolls (Saigon)

Depending on some part of Vietnam, spring rolls have different names. Nem is the way to call in the North. In the Central, this dish is often called chopsticks, while in the South there are Cha Gio. The northern nem usually has more eggs, Sai Gon spring roll often adds cassava roots, or taro or sweet potato. Particularly, the spring roll is also depended on the hobby, which is changed in a subtle way, such as shrimp, seafood…

Saigon spring rolls have many kinds: fruit spring rolls, vegetarian spring rolls, seafood spring rolls,…

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Tấm Rice (Sai Gon)

Tấm rice is famous mostly in the south of Vietnam with many types, such as: Chinese Tấm rice, Long Xuyen Tấm rice,… Although not special, only with a plate of rice, top with ribs, and a little stirred green onions, add a cup of sauce, so simple but when you enjoy the whole flavors together, new delight taste will surely melt in your mouth.

My Tho noodle soup (Tien Giang):

My Tho Noodle is eaten with vinegar or vegetable, chili, lime, and soy sauce.

The most delicious noodles are made of Go Cat rice (specialties food such as Hương rice). Basically, the sweetness of the broth comes from tunnel pig’s bones. My Tho noodles do not have shrimp and quail eggs like Nam Vang noodle soup, just normal ingredients such as ribs, intestine, tenderloin.

Long Xuyen Fish noodle (An Giang)

The noodles are very eye-catching with the golden color of the fried fish and the green of the spinach. The soup is cooked sweet with snakehead fish. When the fish is cooked, fish meat is separated into small pieces, bone is taken out, stirred with turmeric to kill the smell of fish.

Stewed Duck (Can Tho)

Stewed Duck is popular with Southern people, but this dish is best in Can Tho.

Stewed Duck

For a pot of stewed, people choose duck which weight is about 1.5 kg. After cleaned duck, cook use ginger to apply evenly on the skin, then cut in into pieces and marinate with spices including garlic, ginger, pepper, chili, coconut milk. Duck meat is marinated for about 30 minutes and then fried. Taro sliced like the French fry. Put the duck into the stew pot with fresh coconut milk, until tender then adds the taro, onion, mushrooms.

7 dishes from fish in Hau Giang

Hau Giang is an area of Thác Lác fish. Thác Lác fish in here have better taste than any areas. That is why many products are processed from this specialty food.

This fish can be made into many dishes, such as fried, grilled with lemongrass pepper, tamarind hot pot,…

Cóng Cake (Soc Trang):

Cóng cake is made of delicious rice, soaked through two nights and then grind to get the flour. Blending the powder is important as it decides the unique flavor of the cake. Fresh shrimps, green beans, and minced meat are all stuffed in the cake.

Fish sauce is the pure fish sauce, add some lemon, sugar, chili, garlic to make a mixture of amber color, served with lettuce, herbs, carrots, banana, cucumber.

Noodle soup (Soc Trang):

The aromatic salty smell of sweet sauce, fresh shrimp, add some slice of snakehead fish creates a typical dish of the countryside.

The special feature of Soc Trang soup is that it’s very clear. Cook doesn’t put the ingredients into pot directly. Instead, they put all ingredients in a clothes bag, then deep into boiling water.

Tằm Bì cake (Bac Lieu):

Tằm Bì cake must be made from rice, soak overnight and put in salt water, then soak for 2 more nights. The most important stage is stirring the dough. Because if stirring too hard, the dough will break easily, if the stirring is too soft, the cake will stick, not separate.

Then cook will choose tender pork, boil, and cut, mix with spices, and most important: coconut milk. Cake served with raw vegetables, add a little peanut, pickle.

U Minh fish sauce

U Minh fish sauce (Ca Mau):

Fish sauce Hotpot is regarded as typical food and the soul dish of the Southwest. Main ingredients are made from various fish sauce cooked with coconut water or broth. A spoonful of hot pot, customers will feel the sweet, salty, rich and sweet savors of Chau Doc fish sauce….  See more at Mekong Delta Tour

Squid’s egg balls (Ca Mau):

The preparation of this dish is difficult. Squid caught in the night are cut out for eggs. Between 10-12 kg of fresh squid contains one kilogram of eggs. Eggs are coated with duck eggs, meat and pig’s liver that the fishermen carry on board. After that, the mixture is shaped into the ball, and dried before being brought back to the mainland.

The fried squid’s egg is fatty, and smell very good.

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