Visiting 5 famous orchard in Mekong Delta area

Mekong Delta area, where owns favorable natural conditions, mild climate and fruit seasons all year round, is the best destination for tourists. Traveling to fruit gardens has become the favorite type of many tourists to visit Mekong Delta. There are orchards heavy with fruit all year round that making many visitors fascinated. Let’s make plan to visit these famous orchards and have the wonderful memory.

1. Lai Thieu orchard – Binh Duong

Lai Thieu orchard

Situated along the Saigon River, the city of Thu Dau Mot is about 10km south of Ho Chi Minh City and about 20km north, Lai Thieu fruit garden with durian, cempedak, sapoche, delicious custard all seasons. With gardens stretching, red rambutan, purple mangosteens, or cempedak fragrant, Lai Thieu is one of the largest fruit bowl of Southeastern water area. At Lai Thieu orchard, mangosteen is grown a lot with extensive gardens to mangosteen dozen hectares with thousands of trees, each tree for hundreds of fruit.

2. Cai Be orchard – Tien Giang

Cai Be orchard

Surrounded by numerous canals, around the year immersed in fertile alluvial delta of the Tien River, Cai Be is the area specializing in fruit trees provide much of the country and for export. Not only are large fruit basket on most of the Mekong Delta, Cai Be orchard also stop not to be missed by many travelers in the journey.
Compared with orchards in Mekong Delta, Cai Be have the fruits richest in 4 seasons change, they all wake season has delicious ripe fruit. Cai Be owns the same delicious fruit known as: durian, Hoa Loc mango, oranges, orange honey jackfruit and Lo Ren milky breast. Visiting Cai Be orchard, immersed in the lifestyle of the people here, visitors can relax, mingle with the natural and feel personality and mentality of people in the South to then have unforgettable impression when once setting foot on this place.

3. Cai Mon orchard – Ben Tre

Cai Mon orchard – Ben Tre

One place not to be missed by travelers to Cho Lach District is Cai Mon orchard. Its land is dubbed “fruit kingdom”. Here, visitors will be attracted by green trees with sweet fruits such as durian, mangosteen, mango, longan and citrus, especially Cai Mon’s durian is particularly well known.
Dubbed coconut with year round mild climate, Ben Tre also large fruit bowl of the Mekong Delta with enough famous delicious fruits such as durian, rambutan, pomelo, mango, longan, plum… Guests access to the garden can hand-picked and enjoy the delicious ripe fruit.

4. My Khanh orchard – Can Tho

My Khanh orchard

This is a large garden wide 2,2 hectare with more than 20 kinds of fruit, flowers and a variety of birds and animals such as turtles, snakes, crabs, shrimp …
Here, visitors can stroll in the garden, breathing the cool fresh air, hand-picking the ripe fruit to enjoy and savor gourmet garden without worrying about food safety issues. Visitors can stay overnight in the lovely home construction scattered under the trees and enjoy the nightly cultural shows very nicely.

5. Hạ Châu strawberry garden – Can Tho

Hạ Châu strawberry garden

Ha Chau strawberry is not only economic value fruit, but also as one of the specialty fruit trees of Phong Dien district. If visitors visit here on the main crops you will be watching the gold strawberry nursery garden, ample scattered from the root up to the tops. Ha Chau strawberries are sold on floating markets in the region and the province and exported to foreign countries.
Such an beautiful and delicious places for visitors in Mekong Delta area. You can choose to visit by yourself or have a look at some Mekong Delta tours offerd by local agencies. Let’s go to fruit gardens and relax there.

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