Bat Trang pottery village

Bat Trang pottery village is located next to the Red River, in Gia Lam district, a suburb of Hanoi. The name Bat Trang means “the big yard”, a place that has a long-standing pottery career. The village formed in the Le dynasty, is the most famous old pottery village in Vietnam. This place is a destination that both domestic and foreign tourists want to visit if they have come to Hanoi.

There are many different ways to get to Bat Trang pottery village. You can go by bus, motorbike or boat. All of them are quite convenient because the roads here are relatively easy to go but very close to Hanoi.

Bat Trang pottery village preserves the quintessence

The first thing when it comes to Bat Trang pottery village certainly comes to pottery. All products here are created by the hands of famous and experienced artisans. From the pieces of clay, they have created beautiful, sophisticated and useful products, imbued with the Vietnamese national identity. Or the lotus image shows the purity and resilience.

Bat Trang pottery village is a favorite destination of many international tourists with many unique and ancient structures. Coming here, tourists will feel excited when visiting the wooden house over 200 years old – Van Van ancient house, it is ancient with black paint, simple signs and vines covered the roof. Currently this house is home to about 300 artifacts. The ancient pottery artifacts are displayed in glass boxes dating from time to time, each of them contains a legend, a unique beauty. In the space of the old house, we can come across very simple and rustic images of Vietnamese villages such as boats, rice mill, areca root, well, bamboo, …

Bat Trang Communal House is a place of worshiping the village god, which is also a place to organize festivals all year. If you go to Bat Trang right on the occasion of festivals, you can discover a very unique and bustling culture. It was built in 1720 with ancient architecture, the roof has pairs of majestic dragons, this is a common architecture in temples and pagodas in Vietnam. The Bat Trang Communal House turns to the West, overlooking the Red River.

The unique market in Bat Trang

The shops in the pottery market sell a lot of pottery such as souvenirs, dishes, cups, handicrafts, worship things, … All of them are extremely beautiful. Here you can buy products for just a few dollars and have products up to thousands of dollars.

If you want to create your own pottery, let’s visit the locals’s small workshops, where you will experience the process of shaping, decorating and getting your results after firing in oven.


Squid soup with bamboo shoots and stir-fried squid with kohlrabi is a famous traditional food here. It is very well processed, the soup has the aroma of grilled squid and dried bamboo shoots and the sweet taste of broth. These two dishes are often used as main dishes in traditional holidays, weddings, and anniversaries of Bat Trang people.

The bread, rice, noodles, vermicelli have the typical flavor of Bat Trang ancient village.

If anyone once set foot in this land, they will feel the rustic, close, peaceful and pure living of a Vietnamese village.

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