Sa Pa – The stunning beauty of the spring!

When the sweet sunshine penetrates the dense fog, fresh dewdrops adorn the young buds that are sprouting, warm air crept the village, it is the time when the spring fairy awake in Sa Pa and people want to see a gentle and charming beauty in the majestic nature of Tay Bac. Pushing the footsteps of travelers, carrying backpacks and going, go to this poetic place, and fall in love with Sa Pa.

Sa Pa - The stunning beauty of the spring! Sa Pa – The stunning beauty of the spring – photo: Unsflash

Sa Pa is known to tourists by the name “Misty City”, but when the spring comes, Sa Pa is radiantly beautiful in the early sunshine. Not as hot as the summer sun, not as graceful as the autumn sun, it is the sweet rays of sunshine, gently embracing the land of Sa Pa.

Tourists come in this season, will feel the air still cold, the sunshine is weak, fragile as if still remember the past winter. And then they are amazed by the stunning beauty of the spring. The trees sprouted, flowers blooming, happy melodies of birds and wild animals, warm fresh air, harmony with the majestic, vast natural scenery, creating a beautiful spring painting.

Sa Pa - The stunning beauty of the spring - photo: Unsflash Sa Pa – The stunning beauty of the spring – photo: Unsflash

Tourists who love national identity will not be able to miss the spring festivals in Sa Pa such as ” Hat trao duyen” festival is held in Ta Phin commune, Gau Tao festival (San Sa Ho commune), Cap Sac festival ( Ban Khoang commune), and “Down the field” festival (Ta Van commune) … In this time, the girls and the boys wear the traditional dress of their village, to sing and dance jubilantly all day and night, all over the road, to welcome a new spring – full of hope.

Gau Tao festival - Sapa spring festival Gau Tao festival – Sapa spring festival – Photo: sapatrekking

The sunshine at this time are thicker, more attractive, spreading throughout the hills, terraced fields, through the forests of white plums, and the passionate peach blossoms. The plum blossoms and the peach blossoms in this season are so beautiful! In the midst of nature’s green color, it is adorned with the pure white of plum blossoms, a rustic beauty, which shakes people’s hearts. Peach blossoms are also bloomed on the shaggy and old bodies, undergoing many hardships but still creating the most beautiful flowers.

Sa Pa - The stunning beauty of the spring Sa Pa – The stunning beauty of the spring

What’s more wonderful when you enjoy this romantic scene. Take your backpack and go with A Travel Mate to experience the ideal journey 2 days and 1 night in Sa Pa, A Travel Mate will bring you a memorable memory.

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