Thien Canh Son cave

Thien Canh Son, also known as Co cave, is located on Hon Co Island which is a pristine cave located on Bai Tu Long Bay and Ha Long Bay in Cong Do conservation area. When put into tourism, the cave is called Thien Canh Son because it has beautiful scenery like paradise.

This is an interesting destination for Vietnamese and foreign tourists because of its natural beauty, pristine stalactites and beautiful surrounding scenery, like paradise, this is a pearl of Ha Long Bay.

To visit the cave visitors will have to climb about 100 stone steps. The stone steps are not too high, not too steep so it does not take much effort to be able to climb. Thien Canh Son cave has a moderate size compared to other caves on the bay, it is divided into two compartments connected through a narrow way.

The first compartment is quite small, the system of stalactites is yellow-brown, creating a strong but mysterious feature. It is a strange beauty of limestone stalactites formed thousands of years ago creating unique images such as the image of lotus, elephant,… On the ceiling of the cave is covered with a layer of shiny “carpet”, with many stalactites like: hanging lights, stone statues, stone elephants, seals, flowers – all beautiful as in a dream.

After going through the narrow way to the second compartment, the space suddenly expanded, the stalactite system is more diverse and richer. From the ceiling of the cave, stalactites are like curtains of the stage.

The highlight of the cave is the natural light system entering through the cracks in the cave ceiling. Especially on sunny days, the light forms magical lights to captivate many visitors.

Following the small path at the end of the cave, visitors will feel extremely surprised and excited when admiring the magnificent but poetic natural picture of Ha Long Bay. It is lush vegetation with a variety of ancient trees, conifers, vines and many flowers. Massive limestone ranges, large and small ships, blue sea and white sand create a beautiful picture of nature. Fresh air with cool breeze creates a pleasant feeling. Visitors can delight in taking wonderful photos or simply looking at the beautiful nature.

Tourists return to the old road to the sea. It is a beautiful little white sand just below the island. Here, visitors can sunbathe, play sports, play with the gentle waves, collect shells, play team building games, or simply enjoy the fresh air of the sea and watch the sunset on the bay.

Thien Canh Son Cave is a tourist destination for international and domestic tourists when exploring the schedule of Route 4 on Ha Long Bay. To visit the cave, visitors should choose a cruise tour, a 2-days, 3-days tour of Oriental Sails will be a best choice in the journey to explore the bay. Summer is near and Thien Canh Son cave is welcoming you.

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