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A Land Of Mystery

68 Views     12 days
from $1,160 pp

Within 12 days, our tour will take you to a land of mystery  in the world where unspoilt natures and incredible cultural heritages attracts your sense of travel with more than your enjoyment. Begin with the very first stop, Yangon…

Highlight of Myanmar

64 Views     9 days
from $1,050 pp

Myanmar is known as the golden land, and it’s easy to see why with its thousands of temples and pagodas encrusted in gold leaves, diamonds and gems, bathed in the golden light that shines as the sun rises and sets….

Glimpse of Myanmar

76 Views     7 days
from $699 pp

Within 7 days in Myanmar, you will explore  a great  Glimpse of Myamar Tour with unforgettable experience. Begin with the very first stop Yangon-the former capital of Myanmar with many Buddhist temples then  Bagan – the richest archeological sights in…

Taste of Myanmar

68 Views     5 days
from $566 pp

This program will let you know deeply about the main tourist destinations around Myanmar. From Yangon – the garden city and the main gate way to Myanmar to Bagan – the richest archeological sights in Asia then Mandalay-the culture center…

Myanmar Unique Tour

56 Views     4 days
from $149 pp

This tour will be covered with local culture, beautiful landscape and interesting religious matters. You will explore the biggest city in Myanmar – Yangon – the most important commercial center and a major pilgrimage site for local people: Golden Rock…